Explore the Future of Web3: Shardeum's Whitepaper Released!

Newsletter: Sphinx 1.2 is Live | Shardeum @ Consensus 2023

  • Sphinx & GUI/CLI client v1.2 is live with several bug fixes & improved debugging. Node operators are requested to follow the following guidelines
    •  Please reset your MetaMask account nonce by going to settings > advanced > clear activity tab data
    • All validators (new and existing) should reinstall the validator by following this guide
  • Shardeum debuted at the CoinDesk Consensus event in Austin last week connecting with other Web3 projects and forging valuable partnerships
  • Shardeum will be next seen at EthCC in Paris. Stay tuned to our socials for updates related to our participations in major Web3 events around the world
  • Shardeum invites event organizers and developers to sign up for our Proof-of-Community program to help with educating others about Web3 in return for exciting perks
  • We are glad to inform you Shardeum’s Discord has skyrocketed to 385,000+ members only 2 weeks after reaching 300,000 members in mid April

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  • Meet Convival next weekwho are aiming to help Web2 gamers transition to Web3 gaming world. You don’t want to miss this!
  • Test your knowledge about Shardeum on Telegram and stand a chance to win 50 USDT
  • Join our community mod, Riseboi, next week who will show you how to use various Shardeum faucets and get test SHM
  • 25 USDT for 3 winners every week up for grabs: Participate, and publish Shardeum project-related blogs on a reputable blogging platform in any language, and submit this form for a chance to win 25 USDT under Shardeum is Borderless program

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Shardeum Proof of Community campus event
Shardeum Proof of Community campus event

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