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Validator 1.3.1 is Live | Shardeum Quarterly Updates ????

  • Sphinx Validator 1.3.1 is live
  • Sphinx 1.3.1 upgrade includes the following:
    • EVM compatibility updates made to access list generation endpoint
    • Improvements made to help prevent network validator count from dropping below desired value
    • Support for variable gas fees (in testing)
    • Bug patches, linting improvements and error message improvements
    • Improvements made to validator -> archiver protocol
  • Reinforcements to Sphinx stability will continue to be made in the upcoming weeks as we onboard more dapps to the network
  • Register and join us live for Shardeum ’23 quarterly updates for the period between March – May 2023 on 7th June. You can get exclusive updates on the progress we have made so far and what you can expect in the near future towards our mainnet launch
  • Amber Labs recently published a research report on parallel transaction execution by blockchain networks including Shardeum as potential game changers for the industry. Check out their Twitter thread here

Shardeum Events Across Vietnam, Nigeria and India ????‍????‍????‍????

Shardeum events Vietnam Proof of Community
Shardeum events India Proof of Community
Shardeum events Nigeria Uyo, Akwa - Proof of Community
Shardeum events India Proof of Community

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  • A wallet supporting account abstraction ????: Meet Plena Finance on our Discord channel next week in our latest Dapp Library edition
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  • Shardeum is Borderless program now has rewards for translators as well. Here’s the program summary
    • Upgraded program recognizes translators with a reward of 20 USDT distributed every two weeks to 3 random winners
    • The program continues to recognize bloggers who publish fresh contents with a reward of 30 USDT distributed every two weeks to 3 top winners
    • Make sure to check out the program details here for tips to win

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