Explore the Future of Web3: Shardeum's Whitepaper Released!

Unveiling Shardeum’s Roadmap To Mainnet

Since Day-Zero, the Shardeum Foundation has strived to follow the guiding principles of OCC and build in public. In the most recent quarterly updates call, we had promised to share our roadmap to mainnet to ensure transparency.

Today, we’re excited to share the tentative tech roadmap with you here: https://shm.gg/road-to-mainnet

The roadmap outlines a comprehensive view of the crucial features that need to be completed to ensure a successful mainnet launch. With each feature categorized, described, and assigned tentative go-live dates for both the Sphinx Dapp and Sphinx Validator, the roadmap offers a clear peek into the team’s progress. You can also leave comments on the board in case you have any questions. 

We have been working hard to increase the stability of Shardeum Sphinx, and release new updates almost every week, like:

  • Sphinx Dapp launch
  • Initial implementation of validator slashing mechanism
  • WebSocket support
  • Support for multiple popular RPC methods
  • Improvements to Automated Access List Generation
  • Fix for P2P loss detection
  • Bug fixes to prevent active nodes from crashing
  • Improvements & security for Validator GUI and CLI
  • Support for variable transaction fees

While the roadmap provides a glimpse into the future, it remains subject to change. The go-live timelines are influenced by several variable factors such as the current team size. As Shardeum actively ramps up its team, our aim is to expedite the development process and deliver results faster. And this is where we need your help: If you want to help us build the future of decentralization, please click here to apply to join our team.

You can stay informed and engaged through the Notion board, which we will update regularly with the latest developments. This inclusive approach encourages community members to leave comments, ask questions, and actively participate in helping shape the network’s future.

As we march forward on the journey towards mainnet, one thing is abundantly clear: our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and progress is unwavering. The unveiling of the mainnet roadmap is another significant stride toward our ultimate goal of creating a decentralized ecosystem that empowers people and fosters innovation.

This is not just an announcement, but an invitation for YOU to stay updated, engage in discussions, and actively contribute to the development of Shardeum. 

Let’s build together!