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Introducing Sphinx Dapp: A Parallel Testnet For Developers & Users

We’re thrilled to share a major update: We have launched a new, parallel testnet dedicated to developers and users called ‘Sphinx Dapp’ in addition to the existing Sphinx Validator testnet. This initiative marks a significant stride towards accelerating the onboarding of new dapps within the Shardeum ecosystem. It will ensure developers can deploy their contracts and dapps on the Sphinx Dapp testnet without losing momentum while our team debugs and stabilizes the Sphinx Validator Testnet.

In summary, the two testnets are:

  1. Sphinx Validator (the existing testnet for validators)
  2. Sphinx Dapp (the parallel testnet for developers & users)

Sphinx Validator Details

The Sphinx Validator is for anyone looking to set up and run validators on Shardeum, claim testnet tokens from the faucet, and stake/unstake your test SHM.

Validators are requested to use this endpoint to connect with the Sphinx Validator testnet:

Sphinx Dapp Details

On the other hand, the Sphinx Dapp is for developers to deploy their applications and for users to test those applications. Unlike the Sphinx Validator testnet, the Sphinx Dapp testnet will be run by the Shardeum team with a limited number of validators. The Sphinx Dapp testnet will be open to the community to use and stress-test the dapps built by projects, share valuable feedback, and participate in the ecosystem growth leading to a successful mainnet launch.

Developers and users are requested to use this endpoint to connect with the Sphinx Dapp testnet:

=> Click here to go to the Network Endpoints Docs page

=> Click here to start building/deploying your dapps on Shardeum, which has now grown to 800,000+ community members!

While the team is continuously working towards bringing stability to the Validator testnet by implementing slashing, RPC server updates, and more new features, launching this parallel testnet (Sphinx Dapp) will enable developers to deploy their dapps on a more stable network. As a result, we’ll see more dapps and projects building on Shardeum working towards perfecting their products and services.

Test the Dapps Deployed on Sphinx Dapp

1. Add Sphinx Dapp to your Wallet

Start with adding Sphinx Dapp to your wallet: https://docs.shardeum.org/network/endpoints#shardeum-sphinx-dapp-1x

2. Claim test SHM

Claim test SHM from the Sphinx Dapp faucet here

3. Test the Following Dapps

Sphinx Dapp has been receiving massive support from the ecosystem. The following dapps have already been deployed. Get started by testing their applications now!

Swapped Finance 

Swapped Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Shardeum Blockchain. As a leading DEX on the network, Swapped Finance aims to offer a secure and fair platform for trading digital assets. Their auto-scalability feature is set up to handle high levels of activity without delays or high fees, according to the project team. Traders looking for a seamless trading experience can help stress-test their product and share your feedback.

Test Swapped Finance’s app here


IceCreamSwap is a popular DEX platform operating multi-chain in the DeFi ecosystem. IceCreamSwap aims to provide users with a one-stop solution for a seamless and efficient way to trade, earn, and participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem. Their DeFi services include staking, liquidity pools & yield farming, a secured Multichain bridge, and a permissionless lending/borrowing platform. IceCreamSwap aims to simplify all DeFi activities for the end-users. 

Test IceCreamSwap’s app here


A decentralized exchange (DEX) is built for trading, swapping, farming, and staking with a focus on increasing financial freedom.

Test TowerSwap here


ChainHash is the first DEX-aggregator platform on Shardeum. Its protocol provides a smart router for the decentralized marketplace, liquidity pools, and aggregators. ChainHash aims to offer the best value for every swap of a token/asset in a single dashboard by aggregating the DEXs & DEX aggregators.

Test ChainHash here


Bandit is a web3 platform that aggregates NFT minting across multiple blockchains to provide a seamless experience for developers, blockchain networks, and brands to create and distribute NFTs. The platform also offers tools, protocols, and resources for users to discover, mint, and collect the NFTs that matter to them. 

Test the Bandit platform here


DotShm is Shardeum’s native Web3 naming service. Web3 wallet addresses are complex, and DotShm makes them easy to remember and affordable. It currently has 45K+ domains minted on Shardeum testnet & they have over 20K+ unique holders who have pre-ordered their domains already. 

Test DotShm here


NFTs2me is a comprehensive multichain platform to create, deploy, and manage NFT collections and communities. It offers a user-friendly interface for creating NFT generative artwork, uploading it to IPFS, and deploying it on the blockchain with low fees. The platform includes advanced functionalities like various minting types, minting on ERC-20 and other native coins, credit card payments, creating custom subdomains, community management, token gating, airdrops, holder snapshots, and much more. 

Test NFTs2me here