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Super Shardian: Proof Of Community 🏅

Shardians assemble! Becoming a Super Shardian means that you are not only at the forefront of the blockchain race, but you are also pushing the boundaries into deep exploration.
Super Shardian program aims to spread Web3 literacy in local communities by hosting events & workshops with the help of Web3 enthusiasts who want to build and support the Shardeum ecosystem.

Apply Now🚀

Are you interested in leading a Shardeum community in your region and becoming a part of the Super Shardian Program?

Click here to apply!

Who can join the Super Shardian: Proof Of Community Program?

Anyone willing to contribute to the Shardeum ecosystem is more than welcome. You can also contribute in many ways, like hosting casual meetups and workshops and managing our regional community over telegram.

✅ Here is the list of things that you'll be doing

  • You’ll be the flag bearer of Shardeum in your region. ⛳️
  • Creating and managing your regional Shardeum community. 🔥
  • Organizing online/in-person workshops/events. 🎤
  • Collaborating with other communities to organize Web3 events🤝
  • Build and grow your regional community 🚀
  • Represent Shardeum at hackathons happening in your region 🌏

🤔 How does it work?

  • Fill out the application form.
  • We’ll reach out to you if your application is suitable
  • We’ll onboard you and your chapter (if your region doesn’t have a community, we’ll create one).
  • Host your first event! We’ll ship our special onboarding kit once you complete the 1st event!
  • Host events, meet-ups, and workshops, and be the face of Shardeum at hackathons.
  • Whenever you hit a milestone, we incentivize you with rewards.
The program is divided into two tracks. You can find more information regarding that below.

📍 Some desired pre-requisites:

  • Having a good understanding & enthusiasm for Web3 🌐
  • Having a good knowledge about Shardeum and how it works 🧑🏻‍💻
  • Having previous community-building experience

👀 What's in for you?

  • Join a budding community of creative blockchain enthusiasts and developers around the world 🌎
  • Get real-world experience. Build communities in the Web3 and blockchain developer space and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights🚀
  • Get incentives when you hit a threshold while hosting meetups 🪙
  • Super Shardian onboarding kit when you complete your first milestone 🎁
  • Join our Discord and get a Super Shardian role ⚡️
  • Access multiple opportunities like job postings, support at core events, and unique workshops!🔥
  • Have direct communication with the core team. This includes weekly calls with different members (from marketing & engineering)👥
  • Get educational material and support for personal development 💪🏻
Following OCC (Open, Collaborative, Community-Driven) guidelines means Shardeum is built by the community.
The final terms will be shared after joining the program.

Community Track

  • For the people who are more into building a community and hosting events and workshops.
  • Your work will include hosting the event and taking care of logistics like venue arrangement, F&B arrangement, finalizing the speakers, etc.

Developer Track

  • For developers who want to educate people about blockchain development.
  • Your work will include delivering workshops in public meetups and colleges and representing Shardeum at hackathons.
  • Contributing on Shardeum’s open-source repos.


What are the minimum criteria to start contributing?
  1. Interest in building community
  1. Knows the basics of Web3
  1. Enthusiasm and zeal
What are the different ways I can contribute to this program?
You can contribute in many ways:
  1. You can become a volunteer with any of the existing chapters.
  1. If you don’t have a chapter in your local area, you can start a new chapter with us.
  1. You can use your skills (Social media marketing, graphics design, technical writing) to help grow your local community.
How to get started with Meetup?
You can look for communities in your local area. If you want to start a chapter, please fill the below form out. We’ll get in touch with you.
What if I have an existing community? How can I map meet-ups with the current group?
If you have an existing community, you can host meetups under your existing community. You can reach out to us for more information and support at
How to get an audience for my Meetup?
Marketing the event plays an essential role in getting the audience for your event. We have a guide which will be available once you get onboarded as a Super Shardian.
What is the budget for a meetup?
The budget for a meetup depends on the geography size of the event you are planning.
Can I run meetups without registering communities with Shardeum?
Absolutely, you can run meetups without registering the community with us. You can contact us and we can plan it out.
Can I leave this program in between?
You can leave this program in between. You can reach out to us at
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