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Shardeum Liberty (Alphanet) is Live!

Shardeum is an EVM-based layer 1 blockchain that ensures low fees and fast transactions forever. Build your dApps and Web 3.0 applications on Liberty and become a leader within the Shardeum ecosystem.

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Shardeum Alphanet is Live

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Why build on Shardeum Liberty?

EVM-Based Network

Smart contracts on Shardeum are written in developer-friendly languages such as Solidity and Vyper, allowing seamless deployment of EVM-based dApps and Web 3.0 applications on Liberty within minutes.

Linear Scalability

Dynamic state sharding enables Shardeum to increase transactions per second (TPS) by adding more nodes to the network, ensuring low gas fees forever, along with high decentralization and solid security.

Low-Cost P2P Transfers

Shardeum's high transactions per second (TPS) and low gas fees allow for global adoption because of fast and affordable peer-to-peer transactions.

High Fairness

Shardeum processes transactions on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the same gas rate for all transactions to ensure fairness and eliminate miner extractable value.

Immediate Finality

Consensus on Shardeum is done at the transaction level and processed in parallel across the network before being grouped into blocks, resulting in immediate finality and low latency.

DeFi, NFT & Other Web 3 Apps

Due to its ability to achieve high TPS by adding more nodes, Shardeum will provide Web 3.0 dApps with linear scalability, true decentralization and solid security to build smart contracts on a global scale.

What can you do on Liberty?

For Community
  1. Add network to MetaMask Wallet

  2. Claim 100 Testnet SHM from faucet

  3. Interact with smart contract

For Developers
  1. Build smart contract on Liberty

  2. Feature it on Shardeum

  3. Grow your community and become a leader

List your smart contract

Q2 2022

Liberty roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 2

Alpha 1.0

  • Send Transactions

  • Deploy Smart Contracts

  • 30 node unsharded network operated by Shardeum. 20 validator nodes, 10 standby nodes and 5 archive nodes

  • Rotation of Standby and Validator Nodes

  • Faucet to Distribute SHM

Alpha 1.1 (rotation enabled, JSON RPC upgrade)

  • 20 node (10 active with 10 rotating), single shard network

  • 10-15 transactions per second (TPS)

  • Deployed to individual medium nodes on AWS in different regions

  • Support for EEI opcodes

Alpha 2.0 (sharding focus)

  • Separate network from Phase 1

  • 50 nodes (non-rotating)

  • 10 nodes per consensus group

  • Requires EIP-2930 transactions

  • Separate faucet to distribute SHM

Alpha 2.1

  • 120 nodes (100 active with 20 rotating)

  • 20 nodes per consensus group

  • 10 nodes per consensus group

  • System speedup of 2-5x

Alpha 2.2 (network updates via rotation)

  • Ability to push non-trivial software updates without downtime


Join the Community

Shardeum is a global community. Anyone can join us in the journey to onboard billions of people to Web 3.0. Don't know how to code? Or not sure where to start? Don't worry. You can contribute as a content creator, community manager, language translator, developer, etc.

Get started and become an early adopter of the blockchain network by joining our Discord and other social media channels.






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