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Shardeum Mar'23 Updates

Hello Shardeum Fam! ✨
Hope you had an exciting month of March!
Here’s a snapshot of what March looked like at Shardeum ⤵️
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Diving deeper into the details, we have 👇🏻

Shardeum ‘Sphinx’

Shardeum Betanet i.e. Shardeum Sphinx was launched on 2nd Feb’23, where the Public Demo of Sphinx was watched by over 2500 people live!!
Shardeum as of this date has over 25,000 validator nodes on Shardeum Sphinx. Probably the largest decentralized Testnet ever!
Each time a new node becomes active the network gets faster.
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Shardeum's validator repos are Open Source!
The remaining code repos will be released in a phased manner & all the repos will be open-sourced by the time we reach Mainnet in ~Q2’2023.
We still need to open-source the RPC, archiver, and protocol layer code.
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Community, Growth & Traction

  1. Our Discord Server is now a community of 277,000+ where we saw a whopping 20% increase in the members since Feb.
  1. Our following on Twitter stands at 162k+ at the moment, the fastest in India and our community on Telegram now stands at ~25k!
  1. We completed 100 Proof of Community events in March’23.
  1. In March, Shardeum organized 31 events in total across India, Nigeria, and Dubai with a presence of over 1742 participants!
  1. 7 of these events were organized in Nigeria alone, and 1 was held in Dubai during the EthDubai week with people attending the events from all across the globe!
  1. Shardeum celebrated the famous Indian Festival Holi with the community across 6 cities across India, it was a great opportunity for us to engage with our community in a playful manner.
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  1. Our Newsletter Traffic Growth is at 152% from Feb 2023, our Website traffic growth is at a 17% Increase from Feb 2023 whereas our Blog traffic growth is at a 46% increase from Feb 2023!
  1. We have launched SuperShardian: A Proof of Community Program where anyone can organize a #ProofOfCommunity event in their region.

Shardeum Strategic Round

We are raising a round of $5M at a valuation of $250M, and we plan to close this round by the end of Apr’23.

Partnerships & Collaborations

  1. 117 products are in the Shardeum ecosystem currently. This includes products that are live on Shardeum today or have agreed to support Shardeum and will be live soon.
  1. Axelar announced Shardeum as an Axelar Virtual Machine launch partner. Two of the Four largest bridges by TVL are now partnered with Shardeum, Axelar, and Multichain.
  1. Frontier X Shardeum: Shardeum has partnered with Frontier. Frontier supports both Shardeum Liberty (alphanet) and Sphinx (betanet) on its extension.
  1. Shardeum has also partnered with Lync, Xade, Solus, WowTalkies, and Sportsverse to expand our ecosystem!
  1. ChainDrop Faucet, a multi-chain faucet for all crypto networks crossed 25,000 transactions on Shardeum Betanet.
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Shardeum - what people are saying about us?

Shardeum has gained popularity among blockchain enthusiasts as the fastest-growing L1 in the world, and a truly decentralized blockchain overall.
As our community is growing across the globe, we were recently mentioned in the Vietnamese blogs as the EVM-compatible chain with high throughput and open-sourced code.

How can you help?

We would love your support in Shardeum's ecosystem growth.
If you are looking to build an application on Shardeum

That’s it for this month!
Looking forward to sharing what we’ve in store for April 2023  🙌
Do reach out to, in case of any doubts or discussions.
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