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Level 8 - Smart Contracts

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How are smart contract vulnerabilities typically exploited?

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Which of the following options represent the primary challenge for smart contracts and the larger blockchain industry as a whole?

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In the context of Ethereum dapp development, how is the Solidity programming language best characterized?

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Which of the following is the MOST accurate definition of gas estimate and gas limit?

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What is the significant advantage of using oracles in smart contracts?

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Which of the following best describes a complex smart contract?

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How exactly did Ethereum elevate the potential of blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin? Choose the correct answer.

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What is the term used to refer to the fee paid by end users to execute a function in a smart contract such as transferring tokens, voting in a DAO or minting an NFT?

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What are the benefits of using smart contracts to manage supply chains?

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Which of these is NOT a use case for smart contracts?

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