shardeum week 27

Shardeum Updates: Week 27

Here’s a recap of what we happened previous week at Shardeum: Tech Last week, we worked with AWS developers and local simulations in order to …

web 3.0

Web 3.0 in Simple Terms : Prepare and Make a Move to the Evolving Industry

Introduction The development of technology and its interlinking ecosystem is happening so fast that we barely even notice it. Let’s have a little throwback to …

Shardeum Week 26 Updates

Shardeum Updates: Week 26

Tech, business, marketing and comms updates from Week 26

MEV-Maximal Extractable Value in Blockchain and How Shardeum Will Solve it

What is MEV Crisis in Blockchain and How Will Shardeum Eliminate It?

MEV is essentially a malpractice where miners or validators in a blockchain network prioritize transactions with higher fees over others.

Shardeum Updates Week 25

Shardeum Updates: Week 25

Here’s a recap of what we happened previous week at Shardeum: Tech Last week, we conducted internal testing for larger consensus group sizes before and …

Metaverse and ethical practice in virtual world

How Metaverse Can Enable Ethical Practices in Web 3?

If early men with nascent intellect can be taught to practice ethics that lead to civilization, humans in metaverse can also help clean the virtual world.

How to deploy smart contracts on Shardeum using Truffle
Shardeum Testnet

How to Deploy ERC-20 Smart Contracts on Shardeum Using Truffle

This blog will show you how to deploy a ERC-20 smart contract on EVM based Shardeum blockchain using Truffle to build your DApps on the network

AMM DeFi Smart Contracts EVM Passive Income

What is an Automated Market Maker (AMM)?

Market making in AMM is done with the help of automation via smart contracts and liquidity providers removing middlemen to settle transactions

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Best Crypto Community is Right Here At Shardeum

This article is a tribute to Shardeum’s community and some of their passionate contributions for the project already within a few months

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