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Decentralization for everyone

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through dynamic state sharding.

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The first linearly scalable smart contract platform that increases transactions per second (TPS) by adding more nodes.

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Shardeum features

EVM-based layer 1 blockchain

Any dApp that can run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine will seamlessly run on Shardeum.

Linear scalability & low gas forever

Every node that joins the Shardeum network immediately increases the transactions per second (TPS) and total capacity of the network to achieve linear scaling and ensure low transaction fees even as the usage grows.

Anyone can operate a node

Hardware requirements to operate a validator node are kept low by offloading historical data to archive nodes and adding more nodes to reduce the load on each validator.

Immediate finality & low latency

All transactions are guaranteed to be processed within a few seconds to ensure low latency and are irreversible once processed to achieve immediate finality.

Solid security

A leaderless Proof-of-Quorum (PoQ) consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with slashing, standby nodes, node rotation and permissionless participation all contribute to increasing the security of the network.

High fairness & energy efficiency

Shardeum processes transactions on a first-come, first-served basis, with the same gas rate for all transactions to ensure fairness and eliminate miner extractable value. As a PoS network, Shardeum is energy efficient and sustainable.

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$SHM Tokenomics

Fixed supply of 508M $SHM

508M $SHM

51% node-mining

18% sale

15% team

11% foundation

5% ecosystem-airdrops

Fixed supply of

508M $SHM


Node mining

259.08M $SHM



91.44M $SHM



76.20M $SHM



55.88M $SHM


Ecosystem / Airdrops

25.40M $SHM

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Use cases

P2P transfers

Shardeum enables users to transfer value across the internet with no intermediaries while always retaining extremely low fees and immediate finality.

Shardeum Use Case Illustrations

High gas fees and low throughput bottleneck the current DeFi landscape. Shardeum provides a platform for scalable DeFi infrastructure with very low gas costs, making it affordable to both businesses and individuals.

EVM dApps

Shardeum is EVM-based. Contracts can be written in Solidity or Vyper and use the same Ethereum tooling such as Remix and Truffle. Join the Shardeum ecosystem, where users never have to worry about rising gas fees again.


NFTs, assets that represent ownership of digitally unique items, have multitudes of applications ranging from real estate, digital certificates and IP rights to digital identities. NFTs on Shardeum will be fast, interoperable and user-friendly.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0, or the Internet of Value, is the next iteration of the internet. Shardeum aims to accelerate the transition to Web 3.0 by providing a platform that enables decentralized UI & UX which will be superior to that of centralized peers.

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Team Shardeum

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Nischal Shetty

Founder of WazirX, Crowdfire and a steward of the cryptocurrency industry in India. Nischal aims to bring decentralization to billions of people around the world.

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Omar Syed

A distributed systems architect with 30 years of experience at NASA, Yahoo, Raytheon and Zynga. Omar envisions a world where scalable blockchain technology is used to eliminate global poverty and hunger.

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Shardians are the key pillar to Shardeum's success. The project is being built from the ground up with the community's involvement following Shardeum's open, collaborative and community-driven principles.

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Shardeum news

With Shardeum, WazirX founder aims to achieve infinite blockchain scalability

Yourstory | 24 Jun 2022

With Shardeum, WazirX founder aims to achieve infinite blockchain scalability

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Shardeum is a global community. Anyone can join us in the journey to onboard billions of people to Web 3.0. Don't know how to code? Or not sure where to start? Don't worry. You can contribute as a content creator, community manager, language translator, developer, etc.

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