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Shardeum Atomium Launched

Shardeum's Incentivized Testnet, Atomium, is an opportunity for the community to thoroughly test the network in stages while participating in a predetermined reward structure. Our tech team is prepared to address issues found during each stage to ensure a smooth transition to mainnet.

Incentivized Testnet - Stage 1 has concluded

Stage 2 will be announced soon

Participate and earn rewards

Incentivized Testnet - Stage 1 has concluded

Stage 2 will be announced soon

Participate and earn rewards

Atomium is Shardeum's Final Testnet

Shardeum’s journey to the mainnet involves thorough
testing of its feature-complete network to shape the future of decentralization

Alphanet and Betanet

Liberty and Sphinx testnets successfully tested EVM compatibility, sharding and autoscaling features among others

Incentivized Testnet

Atomium will simulate Shardeum’s mainnet environment, to allow for application testing


Shardeum's journey to the mainnet necessitates thorough testing of its features to ensure a safe and smooth launch in the real-world environment

Shardeum Testnets

A Preview of the Future of Web3


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Community Members


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Community-led Shardeum Leagues

Testnet Highlights

Betanet 'Sphinx' touched a high of 35,000+ public validators

Patent filing completed for core innovations

Code open sourced

Complete feature implementation

Live demo of protocol's autoscaling and linear scalability features

SHM tokenomics released


What is the purpose of Incentivized Testnet and why is it referred to as “Atomium”?

Incentivized testnet serves as the final test phase in Shardeum’s development, focusing on rigorous testing of prototype networks and featuring a pre-determined reward structure. This phase involves the community stress testing the network while our engineers address and resolve any issues that arise, resulting in a more robust and secure Shardeum. As we prepare for the mainnet launch, where real-world assets will be managed, this period is vital. It also brings us closer to our mission of enabling decentralization for everyone by making blockchain technology and Web3 accessible and affordable.

Similar to major software releases, testnets are often named following themes chosen by the community. Shardeum’s community prefers names of famous monuments, symbolizing collective achievements and contributions that resonate widely with its community. Previous phases were named Liberty and Sphinx. The name Atomium was voted by the community for incentivized testnet to continue this tradition. (The ‘Atomium’ testnet, inspired by the iconic structure’s symbolism of innovation, exemplifies Shardeum’s transformative solutions for decentralized blockchain technology and its accessibility).


Can I participate?

Shardeum is a permissionless network which means anyone can participate in network operations, whether it is testing or running a node, in return for potential rewards. However, participants from certain countries, including the US and other sanctioned territories, are not eligible to participate in incentivized testnet. Additionally, all participants must continue to meet the ongoing eligibility requirements as outlined in our terms page, which we encourage you to review.


Where can I find the network endpoints for Atomium/Incentivized Testnet if I need to manually add the network to my wallet? And how do I switch from the Sphinx network to Atomium network to participate in the campaign?

You can find the endpoints of the Atomium network here.

To participate in the incentivized testnet campaign, ensure you are connected to the Atomium network. If you’re on the Sphinx network, delete it and reconnect your wallet in the top right corner to switch to Atomium. You can also manually add the Atomium network using the RPC endpoint. This is especially for existing Shardeum users. New users should have no problem connecting to Atomium network when they connect the wallet.


How can I remove/delete the pre-existing Sphinx network from my wallet?

Make sure you are not connected to Sphinx network.

Go to MetaMask settings > Networks > Select Shardeum Sphinx > Click on Delete


I noticed that the voting for Day 1 tasks concluded on June 27, 2024. Will there be additional opportunities for me to engage in on-chain tasks?

Yes, there are definitely more opportunities for you to engage in on-chain tasks as our testnet continues to evolve. We look forward to your continued participation in upcoming activities.

Please note that both the schedule of activities and the points awarded for task completion will dynamically adapt throughout the testnet. These adjustments are designed to foster consistent participation across all stages & rewarding early participants.


Why does the submission button keep spinning when I try to participate in a quest activity or when I submit my answer in the quiz/voting activities resulting in incomplete task completion?

To resolve this, try the following steps before participating in activities or re-submitting your answers for on-chain tasks:

– If you are an existing Shardeum user, make sure you have deleted/removed the old Sphinx network. And then proceed to add Atomium network. Refer FAQ no. 3 above.
– Clear your browser cookies and cache
– Clear wallet Activity: Open MetaMask wallet -> Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Clear activity tab data


I can only find four EVM wallet options available to connect to the Atomium network, but I use a different wallet. How can I connect it to your network?

If your preferred EVM wallet isn’t listed among the available options, you can use WalletConnect. Simply select WalletConnect, scan the QR code, and log in to connect your wallet to the Atomium network.


I am unable to complete the newsletter activity in the quest campaign because the page loads empty. What should I do?

If you are using Brave browser and encounter an empty page during the newsletter activity, it may be due to Brave’s built-in Shields blocking necessary content. To fix this, you may need to click the lion icon in the address bar on the affected page and disable the ad blocker.


I see only stage 1 under the Incentivized Testnet quest campaign as of now. How long will this stage run, and when can we expect subsequent stages to be released?

Stage 1 campaign ran from June 26 to July 3, 2024.  Following this period, our engineering team will address and resolve any issues identified by the community. We may temporarily pause the quest campaign to ensure all issues are thoroughly resolved before proceeding to the next stage. This cycle of testing and issue resolution will continue throughout the quest campaigns. Stage 2 is coming soon! Stay tuned to our social media for the announcement.


Are on-chain and off-chain activities outside of those listed on the quest pages eligible for rewards?

Currently, only the activities listed on the quest landing page are eligible for rewards. Tasks performed outside of these specified activities will not qualify for rewards during Stage 1 of the testnet. In the upcoming stages, you will have the opportunity to participate in more activities such as validator testing, smart contract functionalities and more.


How long will the entire Atomium campaign last and when is the cut-off date?

Incentivized testnet is scheduled to run over the next few weeks to ensure the network achieves optimal stability and security. This phased approach allows us to gradually transition to the mainnet environment. The cut-off date for incentivized testnet will depend on the successful stress-testing of various network functionalities and the resolution of any issues that arise during this period. We will notify you once the dates are finalized.


Can you give me an overview of the Incentivized Testnet campaign?

Atomium, is structured into multiple stages:

– Each stage consists of multiple levels.
– Each level includes a list of activities that you need to complete.
– Each activity has a specific point value associated with it.
– Accumulate points to increase your chances of winning exciting rewards such as badges, NFTs, and airdrops among others

Each stage will have distinct objectives. Stage 1 will introduce participants to the network through foundational activities and testing coin transfers. In Stage 2 and beyond, you will help to stress test advanced features such as the validator network and smart contract functionalities.


Why do I see some pre-existing wallet addresses on the ITN quest pages and leaderboard even before the campaign started?

The following wallets are actually test wallets used for production data. So you can ignore them and the points associated with them.



What is the total SHM allocation for the Incentivized Testnet?

As you can find in our airdrop phase 1 article, we have allocated 3,296,500 tokens in total for incentivized testnet, benefiting both on-chain contributors and validators.


What types of rewards can I earn by participating in the Shardeum Incentivized Testnet quest campaign and can you provide some insights into reward criteria?

Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, you will have a chance to earn one or more of the following rewards:

  • XP
  • Badges
  • Point Multipliers
  • NFTs
  • Surprise Rewards from Our Partners
  • Special Offers from Our Partners
  • SHM airdrop

One of the common criteria to win rewards such as badges, point multipliers and airdrops across our campaigns include – High performers who stand out while fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria for each category. However to ensure wider participation, rewards will also be distributed to individuals who are randomly chosen from a pool of users meeting predefined criteria. This approach broadens the opportunity for rewards, ensuring that all eligible participants have a chance to benefit.


When is Shardeum launching mainnet?

Following the successful completion of incentivized testnet and the resolution of issues identified during the testnet by our engineering team, Shardeum will proceed with the launch of its mainnet.


When will the details of the Phase 1 airdrop launch be announced, including the winners, the number of tokens awarded, and the eligibility criteria?

As the Phase 1 airdrop period just concluded (February 2nd, 2022 till June 22nd, 2024), we will be analyzing the data for the said period and making the official announcement during the incentivized testnet campaign.


What are some of the additional benefits of participating in this Incentivized Testnet, aside from the rewards?

While rewards are a strong incentive, Shardeum offers much more as a decentralized blockchain network designed to address the scalability trilemma. It is open, collaborative, and driven by its community. At Shardeum, you can run validator nodes, with 51% of the total SHM supply reserved for these nodes. Beyond daily operations, you can develop blockchain apps and solutions tailored to your users. And these are only a couple of use-cases among many more.

Thanks to Shardeum’s linear scalability, projects and dapps on our platform benefit from very high scalability and sustainably low gas fees.