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Level 9 - Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

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In a dapp, what is the role of a 'token'?

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Which component in a dapp ensures that it can operate without a central authority?

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Which of the following platforms does NOT function both as a Layer 1 (L1) blockchain and as a smart contract platform enabling decentralized solutions and applications for end users?

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How can dapps be described in terms of governance?

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What is the main distinction between smart contracts and dapps (Decentralized Applications)?

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Which of the following is a use case of decentralized application (Dapp)?

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Which term refers to a collection of smart contracts that act as a back-end with a front-end user interface?

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On which of the following factors does a dapp's performance primarily depend?

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Which layer on a L1 blockchain does smart contracts and dapps typically reside?

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Which of the following does not operate as a decentralized application (dapp)?

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