Aspecta and Shardeum Partners to Bring AI-Generated ID for a Thriving Developer Network

Aspecta and Shardeum Partners to Bring AI-Generated ID for a Thriving Developer Network

Aspecta and Shardeum partner to bring AI-generated identity to the developer community allowing builders and developers to connect and collaborate seamlessly, based on their verifiable...

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Introducing Aspecta

Aspecta is envisioning to transform Web2 & Web3 footprints into an AI-generated identity i.e. Aspecta ID, for builders and developers to document, demonstrate and accelerate their building journey. The aim is to allow developers to connect with each other and potential employers/business partners seamlessly in the broader community based on their verifiable credentials. Aspecta ID will start by helping developers to interlink their official accounts across Web2 and Web3 platforms, such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, Discord, crypto wallet addresses. This way, developers can smoothly document their experiences and demonstrate technical skills with both qualitative and quantitative measures. 

By leveraging Aspecta’s state-of-the-art LLM and graph learning algorithm, Aspecta ID holders can look forward to demonstrating various attributes across 8000+ technical skills and hundreds of experience milestones. Another advantage lined up for the users is that Aspecta can seamlessly connect you with like-minded peers globally and explore exciting opportunities across Web2 & Web3.

How Aspecta Scales up Decentralization

There have been long-existing problems in terms of privacy, security, interoperability, user control & inclusivity with centralized identity systems. Aspecta ID offers an alternative with an aim to empower developers and users with digital identities that offers a high level of privacy and security.

As the digital world becomes increasingly decentralized and globalized, the need for users to prove their humanness and uniqueness is becoming imperative. On top of controlling their own data, Aspecta users will essentially be empowered to prove their individuality and merits through previous work and concrete skills. Aspecta ultimately expects to become the cornerstone of developer journeys across Web2 and Web3. 

Why Aspecta is Partnering With Shardeum

Developer community is a critical component especially in the Web3 realm, as it plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and executing ideas at a pace that were previously unseen. With the shared mission of empowering developers and accelerating the development of Web3, Aspecta has established a strategic partnership with Shardeum. Through this partnership, Aspecta hopes to serve the developer community worldwide and make their digital lives easier. 

As a leading EVM-based L1 blockchain with a breakthrough technology, Shardeum has been actively nurturing the next generation of developers. Through various online and offline developer-centric, community-oriented events called Proof of Community, Shardeum offers a perfect channel for Aspecta to reach top-notch developers in India and beyond. At the same time, Aspecta complements one of the key missions of Shardeum by promoting innovation and upskilling of developers to ensure Web3 is at the cutting-edge. 

Further Shardeum is preparing to handle billions of end users and their activities in its ecosystem made possible by developers who are not only developing its protocol but also by developers who are building valuable products and services (or dapps) atop the L1 network. The seamless developer experience (DX) enabled by projects like Aspecta will have a snowball effect on the number of useful dapps built on Shardeum. As more dapps are built, the DX will improve even further, attracting even more developers and users. This will create a virtuous cycle that will continue to grow the Shardeum dapp ecosystem.

Aspecta ID Use Cases on Shardeum

  • Aspecta ID For Developers in Shardeum Ecosystem

Developers are the backbone of the digital age that we live in today, especially in the early dawn of Web3 — the next iteration of the Internet. Aspecta is working towards allowing developers in the Shardeum ecosystem to claim a customized Aspecta ID. With this digital identity, users will be able to automatically document their building experiences, demonstrate their technical skills on the go with a unique ‘AI algorithm endorsement’, and engage with like-minded peers globally. 

  • Shardeum Builder State & Coterie 

Developer communities are often the breeding ground for new ideas — a strong developer community fosters a culture of innovation, creativity, and continuous learning. Aspecta platform will feature a tailor-made Shardeum Builder State, a one-stop developer hub that will bring together all developers in the Shardeum ecosystem. The Builder State will also include a comprehensive developer directory and specific coteries based on Shardeum events, user interests, and location. 

As mentioned above, the aim is to make developers’ on & off chain repertoire talk for themselves while enabling them to stay closer to the larger developer community. Additionally, future Shardeum events/campaigns and news/updates can be made accessible through the Builder State, providing developers with a streamlined and user-friendly experience aligned with their goals and interests.

  • Developer Incentive Using Aspecta Data Insights

Aspecta’s advanced artificial intelligence technology and LLM model can provide in-depth analysis of a developer’s on-chain and off-chain activity and technical skills by crunching data from their wallet addresses, GitHub repositories, and Stack Overflow posts. A deep understanding of these developers, paired with logs of activities performed within the Shardeum ecosystem via Aspecta ID, Aspecta will potentially enable curation of effective developer incentive plans to accelerate their growth.

  • Aspecta ID At Shardeum Events

Aspecta plans to deploy Aspecta ID at Shardeum online and offline events in the future such as developer workshops and hackathons. From event registration to post-event proof-of-attendance, Aspecta ID aims to be a one-stop solution to enhance the experience of participants and enable long-term connection and engagement through the Shardeum Builder State. 


Web3 has a unique opportunity to revolutionize the developer ecosystem by incorporating its ideals of decentralization, data privacy, and meaningful transparency among others. This could lead to a more inclusive and diverse developer workforce, which would benefit the entire Web3 community. Aspecta is definitely a key player through its efforts to create innovative and curated solutions to motivate existing and future developers. 

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