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Ecosystem Update: Aspecta x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome Aspecta to its ecosystem. Aspecta transforms Web2 & Web3 footprints into AI-generated identity – Aspecta ID for developers to demonstrate, document, and explore. By linking accounts across Web2 and Web3 spaces, such as GitHub, Twitter, and Wallet addresses, the Aspecta ID pack includes an AI-generated webpage, soulbound token, and metaverse twins. Powered by Aspecta’s LLM and graph learning algorithm, Aspecta ID holders can demonstrate insights regarding 8000+ skills aspects and hundreds of experience spotlights. Meanwhile, users could connect with like-minded peers globally and explore more opportunities across Web2 & Web3.

Via the integration, developers in the Shardeum ecosystem document their experiences & achievements across Web2 & Web3 and demonstrate their technical skills and insights behind them via Aspecta ID. With this developer identity, developers can seamlessly connect and network with each other based on their verifiable skills, experience, and builder journeys. Moreover, participants of various Shardeum events, such as workshops and hackathons, will be able to claim their Aspecta ID; their engagements in Shardeum-led events will also be automatically incorporated into their Aspecta ID as unique badges to show proof of attendance/proof of achievement.

In Q3 2023, Aspecta will construct a tailor-made, interactive community hub for Shardeum developers — the Shardeum Developer Directory, which will allow developers – in the Shardeum ecosystem – from diverse backgrounds and geographies to broaden their networks and conveniently connect, collaborate, and build on the network both during and after events and community gatherings based on information and insights from each other’s Aspecta ID. Check out Aspecta’s announcement here.

Connect with Aspecta:

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Last Updated on June 28, 2023

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