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Committer of the Month – Chirag, Marketing Intern

Meet Chirag, Shardeum's marketing intern, and find how his passion for community-building helped him to lead a nationwide Web3 education drive across India and...

Exploring Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs: What You Should Know?

Explore the SEC's approval of Bitcoin ETFs and its potential nod for Ethereum ETFs. This pivotal move from skepticism to regulatory acceptance marks a significant step in cryptocurrency...


Shardeum’s Pioneering Resilience With Network Safety [...]

Find how Shardeum is redefining blockchain resilience with its Safety Mode to ensure continuous operation & security, even in the most challenging...

EthDenver 2024 Travel Guide by Shardeum

???? Welcome to Denver during the year of the sporkwhale!  Our friends from Denver (Thanks Anjali!)  shared some of their favorite spots to enjoy this week and beyond! Out and About Eat and Drink...


Shardeum Milestone: Restoring the Dynamically Sharded [...]

Shardeum's groundbreaking architecture enabled it to easily overcome a major betanet crash making it the first sharded blockchain network to self-restore all its...

Committer of the Month – Sonali Thakur, Software Engineer

Meet Sonali Thakur, software engineer, as she discusses innovation and inclusivity with Shardeum, and its mission to build a borderless Web3 especially for underserved...


Shardeum SHM Airdrop: Phase 1 Update

Shardeum's Phase 1/3 SHM Airdrop update is a token of immense gratitude to our early contributors. Await more updates and exciting opportunities in our...

Committer of the Month – Subbu, Content Marketing Manager

Meet Subbu, Content Marketing Manager, to learn about his role in driving organic growth & community engagement, and his vision for Shardeum's global...

Shardeum Highlights from India Blockchain Week 2023

From UK to India: A Shardeum insider's tale of motorbiking, food, hills, and Shardeum's showstopping performance at IBW 2023 with a Bollywood...

Ecosystem Update: Spheron x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome Spheron to its ecosystem. Spheron is a comprehensive solution that is revolutionizing the infrastructure of decentralized applications (Dapps). Designed to...

Merkle Tree: Powering Blockchain Integrity & Efficiency

Dive into the world of Merkle Trees and discover their crucial role in enhancing data verification and efficiency in blockchain technology....

Hashing: The Backbone of Blockchain Technology

Understand how hashing forms the backbone of blockchain's security and integrity, driving the efficiency and trustworthiness of decentralized...

225 Proof of Community events

15,000 Attendees

8 Countries

225 Proof of Community events

15,000 Attendees

8 Countries

225 Proof of Community events

15,000 Attendees

8 Countries

225 Proof of Community events

15,000 Attendees

8 Countries

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How To Run A Validator Node On Shardeum Sphinx

Here are steps on how to run a validator node on Sphinx to validate and perform consensus on transactions in return for testnet...

Layer 1 Blockchain

Layer 1 blockchain denotes the core infrastructure & base layer of a blockchain network. Refer this blog to know what is layer 1 blockchain & its...


Shardeum Solves Blockchain Trilemma

Shardeum is an EVM based sharded L1 blockchain, and in this blog we unpack how its breakthrough protocol will solve scalability trilemma....