Consensus Mechanism Used in Shardeum

Shardeum uses a combination of Proof of Quorum (PoQ) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms to ensure the network is fast and secure

NFT Use cases

Top 10 NFT Use Cases in 2022

This blog explains NFTs top use cases today so you too can benefit by being one among the early adopters of the technology.


What is Consensus in Cryptocurrency?

Consensus mechanism in blockchain enables the security and decentralization of our transactions.

Top Layer 1 crypto projects

Top Layer-1 Crypto Projects to Watch in 2022

Watch out for these 8 crypto networks in 2022 as they bet on scaling up the current Web 3.0 ecosystem

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Shardeum – A Network Run By Community

This blog visits how Shardeum launched its project with the help of its community in an open and collaborative way

Cryptocurrency Sanction

Cryptocurrency & Sanctions – A Mismarriage?

Is it right to punish citizens of an entire nation from accessing financial services for the actions of a few?


What is Crypto Wallet and What are it’s Types?

Wallet is a service that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets.

Dynamic State Sharding Shardeum
Sharded Blockchain

What is Dynamic State Sharding in Shardeum?

Shardeum uses dynamic state sharding to scale linearly and lower its operational cost exponentially resulting in low gas fees forever

EVM Ethereum

Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM – In Simple Words

EVM is a decentralized virtual machine that deploys software applications across millions of devices and users


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