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Building a Community-Driven Blockchain_ The Key to Success
Community SpotlightOCC

What Building A Community-Driven Blockchain Is All About

Do you know what is the beauty of the Internet? The fact is that it is owned by everyone, and available for everyone. This is …

Basics of DeFi
Blockchain BasicsDecentralized Finance or DeFi

Basics of DeFi for Starters

This blog uncovers some of the basics of DeFi and how it has started helping its users with bank-like financial solutions.

Why is Decentralization Vital for Societies
Blockchain BasicsDecentralization

Why is Decentralization Vital for Our Societies?

Web 1.0 and 2.0 transformed the lives of millions but it came at a cost. This is where decentralization can help.

Shardeum Solves Blockchain Trilemma
Shardeum Innovations

Shardeum Solves Blockchain Trilemma

Shardeum is an EVM based sharded L1 blockchain, and in this blog we unpack how its breakthrough protocol will solve scalability trilemma.

Metaverse NFT
Blockchain BasicsNFT & Metaverse

Metaverse Virtualizes Human Life

Real estates and shopping malls now exist in virtual world which are currently worth $30 billion. Metaverse is getting real!

What is Shardeum_
Blockchain BasicsIntroduction to Blockchain Technology

What is Shardeum?

Shardeum is an EVM compatible sharded blockchain with infinite scalability, true decentralization and solid security.  Shardeum aims to be a chain capable of onboarding over …

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