Shardeum Unveils New Dynamic and Vibrant Visual Identity

Shardeum Unveils New Dynamic and Vibrant Visual Identity

Shardeum's new brand identity embodies its boundless potential featuring a vibrant blue base color and intricate shapes symbolizing innovation in...

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Shardeum’s Brand Evolution is a Thoughtful Journey to Collaborative Decentralization. Note, this is a re-published version originally published on platforms like PRWeb and Yahoo Finance.

Shardeum, the L1 blockchain ecosystem deeply rooted in community collaboration and known for its dynamic state sharding scalability, proudly presents its fresh and engaging visual identity. Aligned with Shardeum’s core values of openness, collaboration, and community, this transformation represents Shardeum’s journey toward a more decentralized and accessible future for web3..

This brand update, in collaboration with the creative talents at Griflan design agency, symbolizes Shardeum’s commitment to continuous improvement and embodies the shared vision of its expansive and diverse community which includes over 500,000 active members on the Shardeum Discord channel alone.

The new Shardeum brand identity features a base color of vibrant blue that pays homage to elements of Shardeum’s original aesthetic. The welcoming blue is visible across all design elements as an energizing and unifying element. The shapes present across the design come together to form the logo of Shardeum, just as Shardeum’s decentralized community comes together to make something unique and vibrant. It aims to foster a fearless spirit of enthusiasm, exploration, and discovery within web3

Nischal Shetty, Co-founder, and President at Shardeum highlighted the importance of the update, “As we approach mainnet it is crucial that our visual identity evolves alongside our unique technical developments as we usher in this exciting next phase of growth in India, the United States, and beyond.”

Kelsey McGuire, Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, shared insights into the philosophy behind the brand identity, “Our refreshed brand aims to be trustworthy, inviting, and easy to navigate, presenting information visually and through long-form content to cater to a variety of learning preferences. Joining us on this journey is less a leap of faith and more a confident stride into the vibrant future of an emergent technology. Our visual identity encourages taking that step together.”

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About Shardeum:
Shardeum is a highly-scalable EVM-based layer-1 blockchain deploying dynamic state sharding that helps keep gas fees low and TPS high even as participation grows. Shardeum performs consensus at the transaction level and lowers the computational power needed for validator nodes. This consensus mechanism makes it possible for anyone to run a node while increasing decentralization. Through the power of dynamic state sharding, Shardeum is able to reach a solution for the blockchain trilemma by offering decentralization for everyone in the most scalable and secure way possible.

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