OCC: The Guiding Principles of Shardeum

When you think of Shardeum, you should think of the Internet. It’s not owned by anyone, it’s owned by everyone.

Some of the core principles we should follow to ensure Shardeum is to Crypto what the Internet is to information:

  • Open
  • Collaborative
  • Community Driven


We want to take an approach that’s not been tried by other blockchains until now. We want to be as open as possible when it comes to discussions, information, ideas, documents, and just about anything.

A mental model we’ll follow is that everyone in the world is a team member of Shardeum. Whether you’re in crypto or not, whether you’re a supporter or not, whether you’re a friend or foe, we want to ensure everyone has access to everything about Shardeum.


We don’t view anyone as a competitor. We are here to onboard the world to Crypto. And that means collaborating with the ecosystem. We’ll look for ways to help every individual or group building on top of Shardeum. We’ll work on collaborating with anyone who is trying to achieve a similar goal of expanding crypto adoption.

Choosing to go with EVM was in fact one of our steps towards committing to be collaborative. We want to ensure we’re building upon the work of others and we want others to build upon the work we do.

We all have a common enemy, centralization. Let’s beat it together.

Community Driven

At Shardeum, the community is supreme. We want to ensure we involve the community in key decisions. But, decisions are just part of being community driven. An even more important aspect is to reduce the delta of project information. Whenever any of us thinks we have information that we should share with team members, we’ll share that with the community.

In a company, the CEO is aware of everything. At Shardeum, the community is the CEO. We want to ensure the community knows everything.