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Build Linearly Scalable Dapps on Shardeum

Shardeum is the world's first EVM-based L1 smart contract platform that scales linearly through dynamic state sharding and maintains low gas fees forever.

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Building on Shardeum is Easy


Setup Shardeum Testnet

Add Shardeum testnet to your wallet, claim test SHM, deploy your contract and dapps seamlessly on the EVM network.


Deploy Your Dapp

Deploy global-scale dapps effortlessly on Shardeum's linearly scalable network with comprehensive developer documentation, and never worry about rising gas fees again


Run a Validator

Say goodbye to resource-intensive node running on blockchain networks. With Shardeum's user-friendly GUI and minimal hardware requirements, validator setup is a breeze


Shardeum Explorer

Uncover the power of Shardeum with our intuitive explorer. Track transactions, monitor activity, and gain deep insights into the decentralized world

Why You Should Build on Shardeum


EVM compatible

Since you just need to deploy a smart contract written in developer-friendly languages like Solidity & Vyper on Shardeum, it is tailor-made for both new & existing developers to build dapps within minutes.


Instant transaction finality

Shardeum processes transactions individually with cross shard composability instead of processing them at the block level resulting in fully confirmed transaction time of just a few seconds.


Secure & trustless

A leaderless Proof-of-Quorum (PoQ) consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with slashing, standby nodes, node rotation and permissionless participation - all contribute to boost the security of the network.


Linearly scalable & low gas forever

Through dynamic state sharding, Shardeum will scale linearly. Every node that joins the Shardeum network immediately increases the transactions per second (TPS) capacity, thus ensuring low transaction fees even as the usage grows.

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