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Shardeum Sphinx (Betanet) is Live!

After 1.5 million transactions and 45k smart contracts deployed on Liberty, Shardeum evolves into Sphinx. Be a part of the community, run your own validator nodes and enable decentralization for everyone!

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Shardeum Alphanet is Live
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The Final Testnet

Shardeum's journey to mainnet requires thorough testing of prototype networks. The alphanet, Shardeum Liberty, tested EVM compatibility and sharding features. Shardeum Sphinx simulates Shardeum’s mainnet environment, ensuring production readiness and allowing safe application testing. Sphinx is the final step before the mainnet launch.

Before that, let's see the progress made on


Shardeum Testnets: A Preview of the Future of Web3

Top Testnet Highlights

Built a user friendly GUI/dashboard for node operators

Open-sourced Shardeum validator and the validator dashboard code

First demonstration of a state sharded blockchain with cross shard atomic composability

EIP 2930 automation for a streamlined developer experience

Ongoing betanet 'Sphinx' touched a high of 35,000+ validators

180 TPS average network capacity

Network Growth Metrics

230,000+ smart contracts

820,000+ accounts

7.4 million+ transactions    

145+ ecosystem projects

Community Growth Metrics

800,000+ Community members  

90,000+ newsletter subscribers

190+ Proof of Community Events                        

50+ community-led Shardeum Leagues across the world

Apps Deployed on Shardeum Liberty Grew Fast!

Swapped Finance

  • Recorded 21k+ txs worth 245k test SHM by 7.5k unique wallets
  • 738k profile visits & 28.5 mentions on Twitter

Spriyo NFT Marketplace

  • 50k users registered with 30k NFTs minted approx
  • 19k Twitter followers & 14k Discord members


  • Ranking in top 25 projects globally on
  • 22k Twitter followers & 27k Discord members


  • Over 5k product feedbacks by users
  • 30k+ domains minted on shardeum liberty


  • More than 5k interacted users
  • 2 Million Share Points Genesis Giveaway


  • Recorded 200k+ txs worth ~100k test SHM by ~50k unique wallets
  • 200k profile visits & 20k mentions on Twitter

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to
Participate on Shardeum Sphinx

Become a Validator:

  • Run a validator via GUI or CLI with no permission required
  • Stake test SHM
  • Validate transactions and keep the network secure
  • Prepare your node infrastructure business for Shardeum’s mainnet
  • Experience participating in a truly permissionless network

Benefits for Developers:

  • Stable low gas fees forever
  • Linear scalability while retaining cross shard composibility
  • Marketing support from the Shardeum Foundation providing 10-15k users to your app on testnet within 1-month
  • Opportunity to become a leading app in the Shardeum ecosystem prior to mainnet
  • Early adopters will be prioritized when Shardeum’s grant program launches
  • Guidance from visionaries such as Nischal Shetty & Omar Syed

Opportunities for Everyone:

  • Participate in bounties
  • Earn rewards by engaging in Shardeum initiatives such as Shardeum Leagues, Shardeum Missions and Super Shardian
  • Earn POAPs by participating in Shardeum community events
  • Moderate social media channels
  • Benefit from a rare learning experience by directly supporting a L1 blockchain project
  • Play a role in enabling decentralization for everyone

Sphinx Roadmap

Q1 2023
  • Sphinx 1.0 with 150 TPS, 150 validators and 21 node shard size
  • Sphinx 1.1 with 250 TPS, 1280 validators and a 128 node shard size
  • Nodes and validators are open source to run by the community
  • Validator Dashboard (GUI) launch
  • Staking, auto scaling, node rotation and node rewards enabled
Q2 2023
  • Sphinx 1.2
  • Sphinx 1.3
  • Feature completion
  • Patent Filing


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