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Level 10 - Blockchain Interfaces & Utilities

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What is the common objective that blockchain bridges, atomic swaps, and synthetics aim to achieve in the Web3 ecosystem?

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Why are oracles considered an important blockchain interface?

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What is the use case of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (zk-proofs) technology in blockchain?

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What role does a blockchain explorer play in the blockchain ecosystem?

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_____  are blockchain systems that run parallel to a “mainchain" or L1 blockchain providing a mechanism to offload transactions from the mainchain, while performing their own consensus mechanism to reduce congestion and allow for faster processing times and interoperability.

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Which statement best describes the differences among lightweight wallets, full-node wallets, and third-party wallet applications in the context of blockchain?

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Which (Ethereum) Layer-2 scaling solution utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to cryptographically ensure every transaction's correctness without requiring fraud verification windows or challenge periods?

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Which Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution processes transactions off-chain assuming them to be correct unless proven otherwise requiring a dispute resolution window?

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_____ platforms aggregate and interpret vast amounts of on-chain data to produce useful metrics and insights about network health, economic activity, market sentiment, and more.

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Which of the following best describes the primary function of the MetaMask web browser extension?

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