The Complete List of EVM Blockchains and How to Add EVM Network to Metamask

The Complete List of EVM Blockchains and How to Add EVM Network to Metamask

MetaMask wallets are an easy way to access the network. Check out this article to learn how to connect the evm network to...

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The goal of Ethereum is obvious from the beginning. It will eventually turn into a “global computer” or an “internet computer.” It is the first programmable blockchain in existence. So how does it manage to achieve that? EVM has the solution!

EVM is another name for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM is a computing system that performs distributed computing tasks. The EVM is used by each complete Ethereum node to support blockchain consensus. The purpose of EVM is to deploy and execute smart contracts. It mainly serves to facilitate smart contract functionality, which is often implemented using programming languages like Solidity.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine serves as the runtime environment for every smart contract. In EVM, there are millions of ongoing projects. It is the foundation of the complete operating system for Ethereum and may add a variety of additional features to the blockchain.

Thus, in essence, the EVM functions as a sizable, decentralized supercomputer that can carry out any kind of programmed job on the blockchain.

List of EVM Networks 

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum Testnet (ROP, RIN, GOR, KOV)
  • Expanse Network
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Ubiq Network
  • Metadium Mainnet / Testnet
  • ThaiChain
  • ELA-ETH Sidechain
  • RSK Network Mainnet / Testnet
  • GoodData
  • Telos EVM Mainnet
  • Telos EVM Testnet
  • XinFin
  • CoinEx Smart Chain
  • Zyx Mainnet
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ontology Mainnet
  • EOS Mainnet
  • Ellaism
  • OKExChain Mainnet / Testnet
  • Optimistic Ethereum
  • SoterOne Mainnet
  • GateChain
  • GeneChain
  • PrimusChain
  • TomoChain (TOMO)
  • xDAI Chain (xDAI/STAKE)
  • Velas EVM Mainnet
  • ThunderCore
  • EtherLite Chain
  • Huobi ECO Chain
  • Polygon Mainnet (Matic Network)
  • Lightstreams Mainnet / Testnet
  • Energy Web Chain
  • Fantom Opera
  • Boba Network
  • KCC Mainnet / Testnet
  • Shiden
  • Theta Mainnet / Testnet
  • PulseChain Mainnet
  • Rupaya
  • Tao Network
  • cheapETH
  • Callisto Mainnet / Testnet
  • Acala Network
  • Wanchain Mainnet / Testnet
  • Ambros Chain
  • PulseChain
  • Lucky Network
  • MathChain
  • Popcateum Mainnet
  • HALO Mainnet
  • Moonbeam
  • Moonriver
  • Moonrock
  • Moonshadow
  • Catecoin Chain
  • Teslafunds
  • EtherGem
  • Edgeware
  • Ecoball
  • IoTeX Network
  • Syscoin
  • BitTorrent Chain
  • Arbitrum One
  • Permission
  • EraSwap
  • Smart Bitcoin Cash
  • MetaDot
  • Ethersocial Network
  • Celo Mainnet
  • Athereum
  • Avalanche Mainnet / Fuji Testnet
  • Polyjuice
  • QuarkChain Mainnet / Devnet
  • Akroma
  • Polis Mainnet / Testnet
  • Etho Protocol
  • Xerom
  • Auxilium Network
  • Aquachain
  • Joys Digital Mainnet
  • Neon EVM
  • OneLedger
  • IPOS Network
  • Aurora MainNet / Testnet / BetaNet
  • Harmony Mainnet / Testnet
  • Pirl
  • Palm Mainnet / Testnet
  • xDAI Chain
  • Newton
  • Sakura
  • Clover

With support for smart contract functionality, there are more than 100 EVM blockchains or networks that are similar to Ethereum. 

Now, how to connect to these EVM networks? Or a better question yet, how to connect Metamask to different blockchains?

👉Still curious to know more about EVM wallet? Check our detailed guide on what is EVM wallet?

How to Connect an EVM Network to Metamask, and How to Connect Metamask to Different Blockchains?

Chainlist is an open-source tool that can help you with “how to connect Metamask to different blockchains?” So for the answer to your question “how to connect an EVM network to Metamask?”, here’s what you can do.

  • On Chainlist, locate the EVM network to which you want to join. 
  • Then select your Metamask account after clicking connect wallet. 
  • Once your wallet is linked, you may quickly and easily add any EVM network to Metamask.
  • When you click Add to Metamask, a pop-up box asking for your permission to join the specific network will appear. You’re done after you give Chainlist permission to add the network that will be utilized by Metamask.
  • In addition to Metamask, this also makes it simple to connect to any EVM network using any Web3 middleware wallet provider.


And there is your answer to “how to connect an EVM network to Metamask?” We do hope this guide has proved to be a useful one for you. To add any of the aforementioned EVM networks to Metamask, you need to have the right Chain ID, and also the network ID of the EVM network of your choice. 

Keep in mind that before adding a particular EVM network to your Metamask account, you must verify the chain details and be absolutely sure that you are connecting your wallet to the correct chain.

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