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Level 4 - Blockchain Architecture

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Which key property in blockchain helps it to achieve both these desired outcomes - high fairness and prevent double-spending?

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Which statement accurately describes the relationship between ERC standards (Ethereum request for Comments) and EIPs in the Ethereum ecosystem?

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What is the role of Virtual Machines like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in blockchain architecture?

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Choose the correct answer. Which consensus algorithms are used by L1 blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively?

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What is the primary purpose of improvement proposals or blockchain standards like EIP or BIP (Ethereum/Bitcoin Improvement Protocols) in the Ethereum/Bitcoin ecosystem?

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In which layer of blockchain architecture do smart contracts and dapps primarily operate while the end users directly interact with?

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What type of blockchain network or platform allows anyone to participate in running nodes, anyone can read from or write to and is permissionless?

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Which of the following reasons explains why specialized sandbox environments called testnets or test networks are crucial for blockchain platforms?

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What is the primary purpose of a smart contract in a blockchain network?

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In the Ethereum blockchain, if someone were describing the overall structure and various levels of data organization, which of the following statements is accurate?

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