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Ecosystem Update: beyondClub x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome beyondClub to its ecosystem. beyondClub is a no-code web3 loyalty and membership platform where brands, creators, and Web3 projects can …


Ecosystem Update: ShardStarter x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome ShardStarter to its ecosystem. ShardStarter is a pioneering decentralized launchpad and DeFi engine fueled by Shardeum. It empowers Web3 investors …


Ecosystem Update: WalletConnect x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome WalletConnect to its ecosystem. WalletConnect is a communications protocol for web3; it brings the ecosystem together by enabling wallets and apps …

What is a blockchain oracle and how does it work?
Blockchain BasicsOracle in Blockchain

What is a Blockchain Oracle and How Does It Work?

Blockchain oracles are data sources that feed external information into smart contracts, enabling them to interact. Know more about what is blockchain oracles

Shardeum Brand Refresh Whitepaper
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Shardeum Unveils New Dynamic and Vibrant Visual Identity

Shardeum’s new brand identity embodies its boundless potential featuring a vibrant blue base color and intricate shapes symbolizing innovation in Web3.

About Shardeum Team - Nidhi Soni
About Shardeum TeamOCC

Committer of the Month – Nidhi Soni, Strategy Initiatives Lead

Meet Nidhi, whose journey from high school iOS developer to Strategy Initiatives Lead at Shardeum epitomizes her relentless drive and market acumen.

How to Deploy Static and Dynamic Dapps, Compute instance on Spheron decentralized network

How to Deploy Static and Dynamic Dapps on Spheron

Learn how to seamlessly connect your Git provider, configure deployment settings, and effortlessly launch your dapps and compute instances on Spheron’s decentralized network


Ecosystem Update: Dumbsterssss x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome Dumbsterssss to its ecosystem. Dumbsterssss is an organization focused on group conversations and has a website for its community. It …

What is an Airdrop
Blockchain BasicsBlockchain Discourse

What is an Airdrop? – A Comprehensive Guide

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens to their communities to encourage adoption. Explore more about what is an airdrop and its examples

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