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Committer of the Month – Chirag, Marketing Intern

Committer of the Month – Chirag, Marketing Intern

Meet Chirag, Shardeum's marketing intern, and find how his passion for community-building helped him to lead a nationwide Web3 education drive across India and...

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In our latest edition of ‘About Shardeum Team‘, we have Chirag, who is also the committer for the month of March 2024.

Imagine the world’s first Web3 meetup, not on some Silicon Valley rooftop, but chugging across India on a train! That’s where Chirag’s wild ride with Shardeum began as a community member before he joined as a marketing intern. Gradually, this culminated in a 90-day “Proof of Community Backpacking” adventure. And, a noble one in that. Traveling over 15,000 kilometers through more than 23 states and engaging with over 7,500 students across India, Chirag has been instrumental in spreading the knowledge about blockchain and decentralization. His efforts reached the vital hubs of any nation — college campuses — igniting meaningful discussions and connections, all over countless cups of chai. Following each meetup or workshop, participants gather for a group photo. The selection below showcases images from just a few of such events.

Proof of Community Backpacking India Shardeum blockchain

But building communities wasn’t a sudden revelation. The seeds were sown in his primary school days, where he built a community for tech enthusiasts. This passion only grew stronger during his times at Jagriti Yatra, a unique initiative in India designed to inspire young people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to become entrepreneurs and job creators. It became clear: Chirag’s unique talent was fostering connections and empowering others, a path supposedly far more fulfilling than other traditional choices young people tend to go with.

Chirag and his team team members in the project are currently focused on cultivating a thriving Shardeum community across the diverse landscape of APAC, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and beyond through the “Proof of Community” initiatives. Check out our simple yet stunning webpage dedicated towards this campaign. Chirag will share more information with us about this campaign and how you can participate in return for cool perks below 🙏

You can find Chirag on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Chirag Ravishankar About Shardeum Team Committer

Let’s Chat with Chirag Now

Jereme/WillWhat are you helping with building at Shardeum?

Chirag: I am super excited to help grow the Shardeum community all over the APAC regions! With my leads, Loveneesh and Ramprasad showing us the way, I’m all in on getting our community vibe buzzing in Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and even further, asides from India. We’re rolling out some interesting “Proof of Community” stuff to make sure our community’s not just big, but tight-knit and collaborative. Can’t wait to see where we can take this together!

Jereme/WillWhat sets Shardeum apart?

Chirag: Shardeum’s really got me energized, and yeah, the tech’s cool – autoscaling blockchain that offers low transaction fees forever, which is pretty awesome. But what’s really got me hooked? The community vibe. We’re talking about two years of people from all over the globe coming together, and driving the project with a look-out-for-each-other spirit. Now that’s the kind of stuff I vibe with on a whole other level.

Proof of Community Backpacking India Shardeum blockchain

Jereme/WillHow can our community members uplift Shardeum and the work you are doing?

Chirag: Think of Shardeum like a big, epic concert. Each community member? They’re a key player in the band performing in the concert, because here, “Community is the CEO.” Now, picture APAC regions turning into our giant concert venues, all pulsing with the beats of “Proof of Community” gatherings. My gig? It’s all about amping up the events and making it productive for the local communities. I am pleased to welcome anyone from these parts of the world to help organize, lead and join our events that include community meetups, public and campus workshops. How to join? Check out this page. Can’t wait to jam with more folks keen on setting up these cool meetups all across APAC. Let’s make some noise together while making real connections for life!

Jereme/Will: What was your journey into Web3?

Chirag: I stumbled into the Bitcoin scene back in 2018 during my high school days, thanks to a nerd buddy of mine who was all in on how Bitcoin was about to flip the world upside down. And yeah, kicking myself for not giving him my full ear back then. Then came the lockdown bull market, and there I was, diving into crypto investments with zero clue about what I was getting into. After riding the rollercoaster of regrets, I made up my mind to really dig into the tech behind it all.

Each day I delved deeper into web3 and blockchain, the more it hooked me. I still think back to this fuzzy chat I had with Greg, Head of Shardeum’s Ecosystem and Fundraising, at ETHIndia 2022. That chat was about why I was really looking forward to jump on board with Shardeum. Man, what a wild ride it’s been from this below tweet to doing everything I can to help sprinkle Shardians all over India. It’s time to take this show global. On a side note, that’s why I insist youngsters (and others alike) to join our physical meetups and workshops to meet and connect with real people in the Web3 industry as you would never know where it can take you in the future.

Note to the community: If you want to be part of our exciting team or any of our ecosystem projects’ team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website where you’ll see 400+ job opportunities as of this writing.

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