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Committer of the Month – Sonali Thakur, Software Engineer

Committer of the Month – Sonali Thakur, Software Engineer

Meet Sonali Thakur, software engineer, as she discusses innovation and inclusivity with Shardeum, and its mission to build a borderless Web3 especially for underserved...

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In our latest edition of ‘About Shardeum Team‘, we have Sonali Thakur, who is also the committer for the month of February 2024.

Sonali is a passionate developer at Shardeum, breaking barriers as team’s first female coder. She is thriving on bug squashing, feature crafting, and tool building and is committed to shaping a tech future with innovation and inclusivity.

You can find Sonali here.

Let’s Chat with Sonali Now

Jereme/WillWhat are you building at Shardeum?

Sonali: I’m a software engineer here at Shardeum. I’m mostly into new feature development and bug fixes but the work revolves around every nook and cranny of Shardeum’s development journey. I get to work closely with my super talented teammates. What’s even cooler is that I get to learn something new every day while helping Shardeum move forward!

Jereme/WillWhat sets Shardeum apart?

Sonali: Shardeum’s groundbreaking approach deeply resonates with me on a personal level. Imagine a farmer in a remote rural area, who, for the first time, can access financial services through a decentralized app running on Shardeum. The platform’s focus on scalability, security, and decentralization isn’t just a technical triumph; it’s a gateway to empowering the underserved.

By enhancing transaction speed and efficiency, Shardeum is set to bridge the gap between advanced technological solutions and real-world, enabling everyday needs of people in the most remote corners of the world. The fact that we give true scalability with the addition of each new node coupled with no gas fees increase makes it reliable for the community to be on board without having the fear of losing utilities and activities thereof, due to sudden gas fee increase. As a software engineer, I’m personally invested in our tech’s potential to make a tangible difference. But on a side note isn’t it remarkable how we will get to witness this groundbreaking idea turn into reality?

Jereme/WillHow can our community members support the Shardeum engineering team?

Sonali: Our community is the driving force behind Shardeum, and I had the incredible opportunity to witness their enthusiastic support firsthand during India’s biggest Proof Of Community event in Bengaluru in Dec 2023, @ IBW. Let me tell you, that level of enthusiasm is absolutely contagious!

We’re genuinely excited about how our community has been and will further support the Shardeum engineering team. Imagine this: testing, providing feedback, and spreading the word about Shardeum’s potential. It’s like igniting a rocket for us! Additionally, diving into open-source projects, guiding newcomers, and actively participating in governance decisions – these actions are the gears that keep our engine running at full throttle. Your passion and support are the turbo boosters propelling Shardeum towards a thrilling future!

Jereme/Will: What was your journey into Web3?

Sonali: My journey into Web3 began with curiosity. It all started with the hype around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which naturally got me interested. But what really got me intrigued was diving into the world of blockchain, the technology that powers them. The decentralized, trustless nature, and the privacy aspects drew me in. After all, isn’t that what we all look for when it comes to our data? Web3 is the next big step in tech, and it’s all thanks to blockchain. I’m really excited about this journey, and I feel lucky to be part of Shardeum, as we contribute to the development of Web3 ensuring its evolution into a truly borderless industry.

Note to the community: If you want to be part of our exciting team or any of our ecosystem projects’ team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website and submit your job application.

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