Committer of the Month – Tyler Choi, Partner Relations Manager

Committer of the Month – Tyler Choi, Partner Relations Manager

Discover Tyler Choi's journey from NASA software engineer to his career decision to join Shardeum and what sets the project apart....

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Introducing Tyler Choi to Community

In our latest edition of ‘About Shardeum Team‘, we have Tyler Choi, who is also the committer for the month of August 2023. Tyler works closely with founders and builders around the world, building partnerships in gaming, DeFi, and art. Previously a software engineer at NASA, Tyler was part of teams that developed projects for the Moon and Mars, focusing on exploration and helping humanity reach further into space.

Using that experience, he’s now set on achieving another type of “Moon” in the blockchain world. With a strong focus on the APAC regions, the United States, and emerging markets, Tyler is dedicated to boosting Web3 adoption by making blockchain technical education more accessible and fostering cross-cultural community growth. In his free time, he explores generative AI, seeing a future where tech and community come together to shape the next phase of Web3.

You can follow Tyler here and here.

Let’s Chat With Tyler Now

Jereme/Will: Can you explain your role at Shardeum?

Tyler: I’m the Partner Relations Manager at Shardeum. I am tasked with initiating key global partnerships crucial for Shardeum’s meteoric growth. I’ve been channeling our efforts in APAC regions like Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and synchronizing with our US team for North American extension. Embodying my software engineering background, I ensure our tech and business ventures are harmonized.

Jereme/Will: What sets Shardeum apart?

Tyler: At its core, Shardeum is more than just a blockchain platform—it’s a movement to empower emerging markets. We pride ourselves on a vast and fervent community spread across India, Nigeria, Southeast Asia, and beyond. The technology behind Shardeum is tailored for these markets, ensuring fixed, low fees—a crucial element where every dollar carries significant weight. Unlike platforms with unpredictable gas fees, Shardeum offers a reliable and economically feasible solution for our users.

About Shardeum Team Tyler Choi

Jereme/Will: How can our community members uplift Shardeum?

Tyler: Our community is the heart of Shardeum’s growth. We appreciate patience during technical deployments and active participation in testing. Further, we encourage our members to establish relationships with various project supporters, introducing the team to projects they value and believe in. This grassroots approach to networking can significantly amplify our impact. Unity, collaboration, and proactive networking by our members will define our future.

Jereme/Will: Your journey into Web3?

Tyler: Bitcoin in 2017 was my gateway into the Web3 domain. Four years later, I delved deeper, deciphering white papers and nuances of the tech. My explorations led me to the Shardeum engineering team, thanks to a nudge from my graduate school’s cybersecurity professor.

Outside of work, my fascination lies deeply entrenched in the realm of AI. Whether it’s experimenting with generative AI or producing AI-driven videos, my curiosity knows no bounds. This passion has birthed various contributions such as the design of Shardeum’s Notion 101 page QR code (below) and intricate AI photo and video experimentations. Furthermore, I’ve been at the forefront of rallying Asian communities for our Proof of Community meetups.

About Shardeum Team Tyler Choi

One of the aspects that excite me about Shardeum is its potential. I’m genuinely curious to see the breadth and depth of projects and tools that will be birthed on our platform. Shardeum’s dynamic state sharding and horizontal scalability promise to usher in new use cases, previously cumbersome or unfeasible on other chains. What particularly captivates me is the burgeoning AI creator revolution. With AI, creation becomes an inclusive domain, breaking barriers for those who might not have inherent artistic drawing/design skills. This AI-driven paradigm allows a wider audience to conjure and craft their visions with ease.

As we venture into this bold new era of web3, it’s crucial that we provide guidance and resources to the fresh minds entering this space. Their innovation and energy are essential for the maturation and diversification of the web3 landscape. So, as a community, let’s come together. Be patient, stand resilient, and march onward with vigor and purpose. Let’s keep on!

Jereme/Will: Thank you, Tyler, for sharing your stories, ideas, and insights with our community. We are grateful for your contributions and are confident you will continue with the same zeal and energy.

Note to the community: If you want to be part of our exciting team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website and submit your applications as needed.

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