Build Web3 – Logo

Build Web3 – Logo

Build Web3 represent activities to grow Shardeum via attending conferences, hackathons, meetups, workshops, and...

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We are pleased to inform you that, Build Web3 now has a logo identity!

Build Web3 on Shardeum

Build Web3 represents activities and initiatives to grow the Shardeum ecosystem through conferences, hackathons, meetups, workshops, and webinars. Take a look at the thought process behind the logo.

Proof Of Community

Since its announcement, Shardeum has hosted 100+ meetups and 100+ workshops collectively across 8 countries and 90 cities. This has impacted 14,000+ people and spread the word about dynamic state sharding, linear scaling, and autoscaling. We are helping developers to write their first smart contract as well as deploy their first dapps on Sphinx Dapp testent. In the last one year, Proof Of Community workshops have resulted in 3,000+ smart contracts deployments.

Proof Of Community Backpacking India is the latest initiative in our efforts to grow awareness about Shardeum. It will include hosting workshops in 50+ colleges across all states of India impacting 7,500+ students. Follow the journey here.

0 to 1 Webinars

We have also conducted a series of 0 To 1 Webinars by contributors and ecosystem experts to guide developers into building simple dapps and deploy them on Shardeum testnet. These include creating a token, creating dynamic NFTs, Piggy Bank smart contract, and more.

Mini Course

1,000+ graduates on LearnWeb3DAO have completed a mini-course on Shardeum basics. You can too complete it today and earn XP along with upskilling your web3 knowledge.

Build Web on Shardeum is a call to action for developers to be a part of the ecosystem and enable decentralization for everyone.

Let’s #BuildWeb3 together! 🚀

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