Shardeum Year in Review 2022

Shardeum Year in Review 2022

This blog reflects Shardeum in 2022 with the community and innovative technology at its core as the project gears up for mainnet launch in...

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As we wrap up 2022 and enter 2023, we are extremely excited to share some of the amazing things that happened this year at Shardeum, which would have been impossible without YOUR support!

Community Shardeum Shardian 2022
Community is the CEO of Shardeum, indeed!

When we announced that we’re building Shardeum on 2nd February 2022, we knew that to build a truly decentralized global network, we must take an open, collaborative, and community-driven (OCC) approach. It is our conviction that the community must be the CEO of every decentralized Web3 platform. When you think of Shardeum, you should think of the Internet. It’s not owned by anyone; it’s owned by everyone! 

As an FYI to new readers here, Shardeum is an EVM-based L1 smart contract platform that scales linearly to maintain very low gas fees with the help of dynamic state sharding.

One of the coolest things to happen this year right after the project was launched is how Shardeum community members, a.k.a Shardians came together to brainstorm and design a logo for the project! Several Discord threads, public ideation discussions, and a few iterations later, Shardeum’s official logo was born!

Shardeum logo Community open transparent 2022

We’re proud to call Shardeum a community-driven network!

In the past 10 months, we’ve taken several strides in getting closer to the mainnet launch. We set up the Shardeum Foundation in Switzerland, demonstrated Shardeum MVP/linear scalability, published litepaper, and raised over $18.2 Million in a private sale from over 50 investors across the world (investments came from almost all continents!). Since Day Zero, the project has continued to do everything to keep the community updated every step of the way via quarterly updates, demos at alphanet releases (Liberty 1.0, Liberty 2.0), and the most recent autoscaling demo.

Every quarter, we’ve also witnessed tremendous growth in the network’s testnet stats, ecosystem, and community growth. As of today, Shardeum Liberty has:

  • 31,000+ contracts
  • 923,000+ transactions
  • 410,000+ total accounts
  • 21 dApps deployed

Within 7 months of launching Liberty with 15 TPS, the network demonstrated 250 TPS during the autoscaling demo in November. It took only a few months for Shardeum to achieve what it takes years for chains! Our globally distributed tech team works round the clock for a timely mainnet launch, keeping security paramount in its roadmap.

autoscaling linear scaling Shardeum community event 2022
autoscaling linear scaling Shardeum community event

Another highlight of 2022 was when Shardeum launched the now-famous campaign to provide free rides to hackers and their project teams participating in Asia’s largest Ethereum hackathon in Bangalore, India. The themes represented Shardeum’s transcending goals for Web3 – scaling up democratically to onboard billions of users this decade! Here are some eye-popping numbers for you :

  • 60 auto-rickshaws deployed on the ground that made 1314 trips (auto-rickshaws and auto-scaling, not bad, eh? 😀 )
  • 3285 travelers
  • 16,670 kilometers covered during the 3-day event!

With your support, Shardeum has built one of the fastest-growing L1 communities crossing 100,000 Twitter followers and 140,000 Discord members recently! Shardians are everywhere; our communities and leagues exist across India and worldwide. Shardeum Times, Shardeum Academy, Shardeum Memes, Shardeum Pepe, Shardeum Tamil, Shardeum Bengaluru, Shardeum Kolkata, Shardeum Africa, Shardeum Turkey, Shardeum Ukraine, and many more. Check them out here.

Interested in launching a Shardeum League of your own? Get started here.

We have over 55 active contributors (community members who contribute consistently) working hand-in-hand with the project committers (those who work full time for the project) on various tasks like hosting webinars, meetups, partnerships outreach, and blogs, among others.

Networking and peer learning are critical for any ecosystem to thrive. In 2022, Shardeum organized the following events in its endeavor to nurture and expand the Web3 ecosystem.

  • 27+ community meetups across 18 Indian cities with over 2900 participants 
  • 19+ workshops for students/developers
  • First Proof of Community meetup in Nigeria
  • India’s biggest Proof of Community with over 2500 registrations and 300+ participants during ETH India and Indian Blockchain Week
Proof of Community #ProofOfCommunity Shardeum
Proof of Community #ProofOfCommunity Shardeum

Shardians chose the name “Proof of Community,” which specifically refers to Shardeum events like meetups and workshops. Keeping in line with OCC principles, the community actively involves in the decision-making process at Shardeum.

Proof of Community #ProofOfCommunity Shardeum
Proof of Community #ProofOfCommunity Shardeum

While 2022 has been exciting, we cannot wait for 2023 to begin. Here are some of the top objectives of the project you can look forward to in 2023:

  • Whitepaper release
  • Betanet launch
  • Mainnet launch
  • More meetups and hackathons in India, the US, and the rest of the world

It’s YOUR belief and contributions that have helped us reach where we are today. We didn’t come this far only to come this far, so gear up for more learnings and project milestones in the new year and beyond as we strive to enable decentralization for everyone. Let’s BUIDL together!

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