Best Crypto Community is Right Here At Shardeum

Best Crypto Community is Right Here At Shardeum

This article is a tribute to Shardeum's community and some of their passionate contributions for the project already within a few...

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About Shardeum

Shardeum is an EVM based, linearly scalable smart contract platform. It’s key features include low transaction fees on the network forever (that’s a relief finally especially for developers, isn’t it?), true decentralization and solid security. Essentially, Shardeum will be the network that solves blockchain’s trilemma issue for once and for all. The issue refers to blockchain’s inherent limitation in allowing all its three properties – scalability, decentralization and security – to coexist at the same time. Since security is a core feature of Web 3 technologies like blockchain, existing networks often make a trade off between decentralization and scalability. So a blockchain network today either lacks in speed or decentralization.

Shardeum introduces something called ‘dynamic state sharding’ as a key feature that enables linear scalability on the network i.e. the throughput/speed increases as more nodes join the network. This allows for true decentralization and will prevent network congestion/outages we have been accustomed to on many blockchain networks especially during peak times.

Contributor Roles in Shardeum

Shardeum has more or less a two-tier contributor system

  1. Committers : They are core team members of Shardeum who mostly works full time for the project. These members may be hired directly based on the requirement or maybe hired from among contributors.
  2. Contributors : Anyone can start contributing to Shardeum with their skills. And with consistent contribution, contributors will start off by getting recognized with a ‘contributor tag’ on Shardeum’s official Discord. They will be considered for rewards and other roles in the future.

Shardeum Workstreams

We would like to broadly classify Shardeum’s workstreams into 5 categories : Community, Technology, Business, Design & Marketing. Note, the idea at the end of the day is to work synchronously and get the work done irrespective of overlaps and distinctions. And you will see why established Web 3 projects get the work done no matter the complexities involved in them. Because communities play the central role and they are very clear that they will do fine as long as the project does fine. There is no need for someone to decide your bonus or incentives to “motivate” you. The goal in itself is typically motivating for the community.

Make no mistake, all Web 3 projects continue to inherit a chunk of process and protocols from Web 2. But in any evolution process, you will only try to improve and eventually get better, right? Web 3 technologies like blockchain is key to enable a society that is more equal and secure giving the power back to people to a large degree. Ok let’s now see some of the activities under each segment in Shardeum below.

Activities Under Community

  1. Community moderation and admin work
  2. International language engagements
  3. Community meetings
  4. Volunteering for various activities
  5. Bug reporting
  6. Memes, Networking etc.

Activities Under Technology

  1. Software development in languages like Node.js, TypeScript, C, C++, Go and Rust for P2P/distributed applications
  2. Data structures and algorithms 
  3. Software Testing and bug fixes
  4. Linux, Git, AWS, Dockers, VSCode, Blockchain, Sharding
  5. Assisting with dApps (decentralized applications) deployment
  6. GitHub

Activities Under Business

  1. Non Commercial/Commercial Partnerships
  2. Foundation incorporation
  3. Raising funds
  4. Due Diligence report (as of March 2022)
  5. Blockchain ecosystem management
  6. Native token work
  7. Tokenomics

Activities Under Design

  1. Logo, visuals and banners
  2. Website designing
  3. Product & marketing design
  4. Copywriting

Activities Under Marketing

  1. Content and translations (blog, audio and video)
  2. Newsletters
  3. Social media marketing 
  4. Ethereum Developers outreach
  5. Public Relations
  6. Reward Program for marketing initiatives

How to Join Shardeum As a Contributor?

Anyone can join Shardeum as a contributor and keep track of contributions which will be published by Shardeum on their official media handles. Almost all of the contributors you see today in Shardeum had the same questions like anyone new to crypto or Web 3 careers, like, how to start and where to start. They were recommended to join Shardeum’s Discord and within a few days, a majority of them started calling Shardeum their home.

You will find various channels that you can easily fit in – from content, to marketing to tokenomics. You may have seen some of the deliverables of various verticals of Shardeum above but keep in mind, community plays a central role. If the community does not own a project in Web 3, it is safe to consider it is no more than a Web 2 project at best.

Check the Community Contributions Here!!

Shardeum maintains an open record of all contributions in a google slide. Check it out! They are really interesting and tasty 😀 . And you can actually get some tips out of these contributions and begin your own journey with Shardeum. Trust us, the community (known as Shardians) will have your back!!

Note, we have the following language channels as well in Discord : English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Italian, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian, Urdu, Spanish, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada

Humans of Shardeum

While there are plenty of contributors working behind the scenes, we as authors-cum-community members, decided to give a shout out to those contributors whom we have worked with and observed directly. So this contributor list below does NOT include every contributor contributed so far for the project.

The Programming Wizards of Shardeum

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Since Shardeum is an EVM based smart contract platform, onboarding the Ethereum developer community to Shardeum is one of the top priorities for the project at this time. If you are a developer and interested to build out an application on Shardeum or even test the network and find/fix bugs, do join us here and let us know how we can help you.

Ok moving on to the human side of this story 🙂

Anurag is a front-end engineer. He was one of the key members who built Coingaze – a cryptocurrency price alerting app. He is a key member who worked on designing and implementing Shardeum’s website.

Shailesh Kote is a junior solidity developer who has been actively testing the Shardeum Liberty Alphanet (testnet). He has reported 9 bugs so far and is helping the Shardeum developer team tremendously. He is currently developing a test dApp for token transfers.

Suhas is another contributor who has been actively hunting for bugs in the network and working with the Shardeum core development team to help fix them.

Naresh Golla, who goes by the handle HODL0 on Twitter, has developed 3 dApps on Shardeum testnet –  Shardeum Naming Service, NFT and Disperse Application for multi-account token distribution. He also contributed a tutorial on how he deployed his NFT smart contract on Shardeum.

The Grand Educators of Shardeum

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Nishant has been actively conducting weekly hangouts on Discord for the Hindi community. Vijay Gir runs a YouTube channel with 8k+ subscribers called Crypto Live India. Vijay has also started a community initiative – Shardeum Academy to educate people on Shardeum and Web 3 by creating contents.

Vaijanath is a father of two who runs a consultancy firm and has been in the crypto space since 2017. He is a software developer by profession and actively contributes to both Hindi and Kannada channels on Discord. Vaijanath further takes great efforts to explain technical concepts of web 3 in the weekly Kannada community hangout calls.

Puneet is a global supply chain and procurement professional who has contributed to ‘Shardeum Academy’ with educational video contents. He also actively contributes to memes created by community about Shardeum.

The Relentless Writers & Translators of Shardeum

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Venu is a very active contributor in Discord server. He is currently pursuing an MBA. Venu manages the Shardeum Telugu channel and has translated Shardeum contents in Telugu. Venu also actively participates in Kannada language hangouts.

Sanjai VPS is another active contributor in Discord server. He is the language moderator of the Tamil channel in Discord and helps to translate Shardeum contents in Tamil. Sanjai is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Cream, Kracnoormeec, nolackin, wh1tearm0r (Discord names) and their team have been translating Shardeum contents in Russian and Ukrainian languages. They also manage Russian and Ukrainian communities on Telegram and Discord.

Shriraam is a Web 3 writer who aspires to build dApps on Shardeum one day. He has been contributing to Shardeum with blogs and translations in Tamil. Sriraam has also been reaching out to developers/founders of existing Ethereum based dApps to build on Shardeum.

Yash is a product manager in Web 2 on the weekdays and a cinephile over the weekends. He is curiously exploring and learning about Web 3 and all things crypto. He is looking to move to a career in Web 3 in the near future after being star struck with its fundamentals.

Ky Kim has been translating Shardeum contents in Korean. Ky has been part of multiple crypto communities and also maintains a Web 3 educational website in Korean.

Dmytro Kyfor has translated Shardeum contents in Ukrainian language. Dmytro is an ambassador of multiple crypto projects and contributes by operating nodes, creating blogs and videos.

Eric translates Shardeum content in Chinese Mandarin and also actively manages the Chinese community in Discord.

The Meme Lords of Shardeum

Shardeum memes is one of the most active groups on Shardeum. Uday Prajapati, is planning to pursue medicine later in 2022 and is also a self confessed tech enthusiast. He started this initiative along with Imran Khan and Bibin Prasannan. They have released multiple engaging memes so far for the Shardeum community. They also have an extended team who is part of almost every initiative on Shardeum. For instance, Uday is working to collaborate with Web 3 projects while Bibin has started introducing a few Web 3 projects to the Shardeum business team for potential partnerships.

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

The Mod Gods of Shardeum

So people have this question as in who will be responsible to moderate a decentralized society or a social media. We believe the community – the people – themselves will be the right stakeholders to moderate their brothers and sisters. It is in the interest of the community to do what’s best for their respective projects. Of course not all times will be peaceful. One of the solution is to slash bad actors and/or remove them from the project. Since community members exercise such decisions, perhaps through voting, it will be a democratic decision as opposed to unilateral ones made by centralized authorities today. Ok staying on course of the human side of story 😀

Yash is a community moderator on the Shardeum Discord server. Yash is passionate about managing communities. He has created and managed multiple communities in the past. He has also started an initiative on LinkedIn to onboard people to web 3 by keeping his calendar open for 40 minutes every weekday to anyone keen on learning about the new web.

Aaron Barboza manages the community on Telegram by being on top of every query posted. Aaron has been in the crypto scene for a few years now and contributes to a popular gaming community as a moderator.

The Design Thinkers of Shardeum

Kireeti led the Shardeum logo design efforts. He guided the core team and the community on the principles to be followed for the logo. He further conducted multiple brainstorming calls and took the lead to make sure the right logo was conceptualized and finalized subsequently. This was the first community exercise on Shardeum since its launch in February 2022. We have a blog about this experience and the overall experience of working in a Web 3 world. Check it out here. And yes it is completely different from Web 2 experience that we have grown tired of.

Ricky has been building communities in Web 3 for a couple of years at least. He has moderated many active communities on Reddit and Discord. He created the Shardeum Design Kit on Figma, which includes multiple templates of thumbnails, logos, and 200+ 3D and 2D assets.

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

The Impeccable Website Architects of Shardeum

Balaji, is an experienced product manager, who conceptualized and brainstormed Shardeum’s new website with all the key stakeholders. He is responsible for delivering the website as per UX and UI on par with other layer 1 blockchain websites. Kireeti and Sanketh worked with him throughout

Anvay is the program manager who was responsible for and delivered website hosting and development with help from Anurag, Dewansh, Shailendra and Apurv esp. for Crowdin tool integration. He also assisted other core team members in upskilling them on GitHub

Tokenomics Gurus of Shardeum

Tokenomics discussions were wrapped up in late March 2022 with highlights on supply cap of 508 million native coins (SHM) which would be deflationary in nature. However, typical blockchain projects will also list down how they are planning to reward nodes who keep the network safe and functional. That way, investors can assess whether or not the project have an optimal plan to distribute native coins and keep a good balance between its supply and demand through its lifecycle.

Several community members have been actively collaborating with core team members to discuss and finalize node reward mechanism. Utsav has published a blog with his suggestions for an optimal token release schedule. Dan Ingamell has also submitted his detailed inputs for token release. They both actively collaborated with Nischal Shetty, the Co-Founder of Shardeum.

Final Notes

Shardeum operates on the principles of OCC – Open, Collaborative and Community driven. Community will be the CEO of the network. Shardeum Foundation further encourages Ethereum based developers to build on its highly scalable blockchain without worrying about rising gas fees ever again! It is looking forward to financially support some of the early developers on its EVM based layer 1 smart contract platform.

Lastly, we would request Web 3 projects including founders, developers, core team members to assist in improving and leveraging the blockchain technology and their communities to solve real world problems faced by the under-banked and unbanked people living in the world today. That is an aim closer to our hearts. Thanks for the time!

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Opinions expressed and the content in this publication are those of the author(s). They do not necessarily purport to reflect the opinions or views of Shardeum Foundation.

About the Author(s) :

Shuwam Rana is a Technical Analyst, Digital marketer and SEO expert with a passion to help businesses grow. He also has an engineering background. You can follow him on Twitter

Harsha Karanth has been in the energy and e-commerce industries before he came across web 3.0. He is enthusiastic about building impact projects on web 3, particularly in the sectors of environment, animal care and education. You can follow him on Twitter

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