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With the Android platform, Stack Mobile ushers in a New Era of Web 3

With the Android Platform, Stack Mobile ushers in a New Era of Web 3.

Web3: A New Era for the Internet

While Web2 was an era dominated by corporate giants, the new Web3 era that has taken its place is turning it on its head by putting the web in the hands of its users and the community through decentralized ownership and control. There are boundless opportunities for innovation with Web3, ranging from AI and VR to machine learning and blockchain, and, of course, the technology making all the headlines: the Metaverse. It is transforming the modern world through evolving day-to-day business operations and creating virtual economies, doing things that could not have been dreamed of a couple of decades ago. 

The mobile app technology stack is one of these innovations. It is a combination of programming languages, platforms, frameworks, tools, UX/UI software, and other technologies required to develop a functional mobile app. This article aims to inform users about the Shardeum Stack Mobile application and the initial features that have been rolled out. 

How to Use Stack Mobile

Stack Mobile is one of the best mobile app technology stacks that allow you to work on the go. Let’s go through how to use Stack Mobile with a step-by-step guide:

  1. In the browser app, type
  2. Log in using your Stack credentials (or sign up for an account if you are completely new to the platform).
  3. From the project list that appears, select the project of your choice.
  4. Once the project is opened, the Plans view will appear. You can click on the plans to open them and use the menu button in the upper right corner to navigate between Plans, Reports, and your Account. 
  5. Clicking on Reports will allow you to view the reported measurements from your project, while the dropdown arrow next to this title will let you switch between different reports.
  6. The app also lets you “group” and “sort” your reports for ease.
  7. The Accounts sections let you manage your account settings, update billing addresses, link your STACK account to one of our integration partners, and much more.
  8. The app also houses a Chat button to get assistance from the Stack Mobile app’s success team.

Features of the Shardeum Mobile Stack

Let’s go through some of the features of the Shardeum Mobile Stack application:

1. Mobile Wallet Adapter

There is a protocol for connecting web applications and Android apps to wallets on mobile devices. This open-source protocol can work with wallet apps providing signing services to apps running remotely. It was designed to serve all mobile platforms, not just Android.

2. Seed Vault

The Seed Vault is a secure environment built into a mobile device to help keep private keys, seed phrases, and secrets separate from the application layer yet still capable of interacting with apps running on the mobile device or in a browser. It accesses the highest privileged security environment and enables a secure transaction signing experience through UI components built into Android.

3. Shardeum Pay for Android

Shardeum Pay, an integral feature of a decentralized payments rail on Shardeum, is built into the Shardeum Mobile Stack. It allows wallet apps to utilize the system features of Android devices to capture Shardeum Pay URLs via unique QR codes, NFC taps, messages, and browser interactions to power Shardeum pay requests. Users will also benefit from instant virtual card issuance, allowing them to make contactless mobile payments backed by their self-custodied funds.

To Conclude

The mobile app technology stack is one the essential parts of mobile application design today. Shardeum aims to simplify the process with its new Mobile Stack with various unique and exciting features. 
Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that aims to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Find out more about Shardeum.

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