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Committer of the Month – Loveneesh Dhir, Community Manager

Committer of the Month – Loveneesh Dhir, Community Manager

Bringing you our latest blog edition 'About Shardeum Team' that will give you a glimpse into the professional and personal side of our...

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‘About Shardeum Team’ Edition

In a public blockchain project, both employees (or committers as we say in Shardeum) and the community have a massive role to play in making the project successful. And by working together, we can create a project that benefits everyone involved for the times to come. We recognize and appreciate that motivating/engaging the employees of Shardeum is a right step in that direction. In turn, the employees or the committers can be expected to not just fulfill the responsibilities to the project team that hired them but also to the larger community and ecosystem.

Investing in human resources is second to none. Machines can do a gazillion things today, only if enabled by humans as things stand. Web3 ecosystem roots for decentralization for the only reason that it offers a great path towards sharing world resources among ourselves more equitably and efficiently. And with the Shardeum’s principle – OCC – guiding us along the way, we want to celebrate the employees of Shardeum with each of you as we embark on our challenging yet exciting journey together to take Web3 mainstream.

We, Jereme and Will @ Shardeum People Operations, are planning to bring you regular blog posts about our committers so you can see how each of them are going about their work, as well as some of their personal interests and passions. Stay tuned and don’t miss these editions which will be posted under the category “About Shardeum Team“.

Let’s Chat With Loveneesh Now

And what better way to start this series by putting the spotlight on Loveneesh, who is the committer of June 2023! He is a self-proclaimed “Community Freak” and the critical part of the engine that is moving forward our community growth, IRL meetup efforts, and developer relations. You can find him here, here, and here. Let’s now get to know him better!

About Shardeum Team

Jereme: What does it mean to be part of the Shardeum team?

Loveneesh: Working at Shardeum is like embarking on a journey of transformative growth. It’s not just about the product we’re building, but also about learning as an individual and making meaningful contributions in a supportive environment.

About Shardeum Team

From day one, I have felt valued and supported by my colleagues and superiors alike. Our culture encourages experimentation and iteration – there’s no fear of failure, just opportunities for learning and growth. This ethos extends to our leadership, with my mentor, Ramprasad, setting a powerful example. He’s taught me how to navigate tough situations with grace and resilience, always having my back.

What makes Shardeum stand out is our commitment to expanding Web3 awareness. We’ve made strides in bringing blockchain education to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India, where other organizations have been hesitant to venture into. Our ‘Proof of Community’ initiative has hosted more than 190 events across 5 countries, and the response from cities like Guwahati, Mysore, and even in the MENA region, has been overwhelming.

But perhaps the most enriching aspect of working at Shardeum is the global exposure and that the work-life balance is prioritized here, enabling me to maintain a healthy equilibrium between my personal and professional life. This incredible work culture has not only made me more motivated and engaged but has also allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally.

About Shardeum Team

Jereme: Thanks Loveneesh. We appreciate you sharing a bit about your experience and your continued growth here at Shardeum. It’s a great reminder of why we do what we do. Our people are our greatest asset, and by investing in their growth we can make a real difference, both within our walls and beyond. #ProofOfCommunity

If you want to be part of our exciting team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website and submit your applications as needed.

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