Committer of the Month – Nidhi Soni, Strategy Initiatives Lead

Committer of the Month – Nidhi Soni, Strategy Initiatives Lead

Meet Nidhi, whose journey from high school iOS developer to Strategy Initiatives Lead at Shardeum epitomizes her relentless drive and market...

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In our latest edition of ‘About Shardeum Team‘, we have Nidhi Soni, who is also the committer for the month of October 2023. She is the Strategic Initiatives Lead/Head of Investor Relations & Strategy at Shardeum. Nidhi previously worked as VP of a Dubai based blockchain company and also was advisor to a few early stage startups based out of India. Before going down the web3 rabbit hole, Nidhi was an iOS developer where she started her developer journey as a 15 year old in high school.

Nidhi is deeply passionate about the intersection of technology and people and is keen on using her skills to enable a shift to decentralized society through Shardeum. Outside of work, Nidhi enjoys writing, and reading about venture capital and psychology. She has a passion for travel, seeking to deepen her understanding of the diversity of people and their cultures.

Nidhi can be found here, here and here.

Let’s Chat With Nidhi Now

Jereme/Will: What are you building at Shardeum?

Nidhi: I am the Strategic Initiatives Lead / Head of Investor Relations & Strategy at Shardeum. I work with our co-founder, Nischal and I’m responsible for talking to potential investors, maintaining relations with current investors and keeping them updated about the happenings at Shardeum. I also oversee efficiency opportunities based on market activities and sentiments, and make monthly Shardeum updates for the Community.

Jereme/Will: What sets Shardeum apart for you?

Nidhi: I think Shardeum’s strong community, the complex tech we are working on and the rich experience of all the team members is what sets Shardeum apart. This is the first time many of us are witnessing a blockchain platform being built from scratch, 0 -> 1. Our culture encourages flexibility and experimentation, hence expediting one’s growth.

About Shardeum Team - Nidhi Soni
Nidhi, in the center, representing Shardeum at one of the global events in 2023

Jereme/Will: How can our community members uplift Shardeum? (in the context of your role at Shardeum)

Nidhi: Our community is the backbone of Shardeum’s growth. Their support and active participation in what we are building, whether it’s designing the Shardeum logo, naming our Validator testnet or helping us in testing the network by running the nodes and giving us feedback is what has helped us in coming so far. The community has also started translating the monthly community updates in their local regional language, which has given us a chance to expand in non-English speaking regions as well.

I am very active on twitter and keep my eye on most of the tweets where our network or ecosystem is mentioned. These tweets help me in understanding the pain points and analyze the next steps.

Jereme/Will: What was your journey into Web3?

Nidhi: I first found out and played around with cryptocurrency in 2016 after coming across an online article claiming this ‘digital money’ to be the next big thing. There were only 3 coins then, BTC, ETH and LTC. I was in college, juggling studies, side projects and also extracurricular activities. I forgot about all this until 2020 when the prices were on the rise. I deep dived into it, and started meeting with more people in the industry.

My curiosity led me to work at various places, shifting gears from being just in tech as an iOS developer to working in managerial roles. My explorations finally landed me at Shardeum. Working directly with Nischal in the last 1 year has accelerated my growth beyond my expectations.

Note to the community: If you want to be part of our exciting team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website and submit your job application.

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