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Announcement: Mint and Manage NFTs Effortlessly on Shardeum with Bandit

Hey Shardians! We are excited to announce that Shardeum has partnered with Bandit Network to provide NFT enthusiasts with a seamless and convenient platform for minting and managing NFTs. By integrating the Shardeum blockchain with Bandit Network, users can easily mint and manage NFTs on the Shardeum blockchain while taking advantage of Bandit’s user-friendly interface and marketing capabilities.

This collaboration will provide NFT creators access to a secure, scalable, decentralized blockchain and a platform for minting and distributing their NFTs. Collectors can discover and collect the NFTs they love on a single platform. At the same time, developers will be able to build on the Shardeum blockchain and use the infrastructure provided by Bandit to deploy their own NFT collections.

Overall, this partnership will make it easier for NFT creators, collectors, and developers to take advantage of the growing interest in NFTs and build the future of NFTs together. We are excited to work with Bandit Network to bring this vision to life.

About Bandit Network: Bandit Network is a web3 platform aggregating NFT minting across different blockchains, providing a seamless and convenient experience for developers, blockchains, and brands to create and distribute NFTs. The platform also offers tools, protocols, and resources for users to discover, mint, and collect the NFTs that matter to them. Bandit Network is committed to building the future of NFTs and enabling users to build, access quickly, and own the NFTs they love from a single platform.

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