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Ecosystem Update: Desig x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome Desig to its ecosystem. Desig is a pioneering blockchain-agnostic multisig solution, built for seamless integration with all Dapps across EVM and non-EVM chains. It empowers DAO owners, project cofounders, and treasury managers with state-of-the-art security through MPC-TSS and ZK technologies.

Its multisig wallet can be used to require numerous approvals before sending transactions on Shardeum. Some of Desig’s use cases include creating DAOs with it on Shardeum, or enterprises safeguarding their assets by requiring numerous wallet approvals before sending transactions. Via the integration between Desig and Shardeum, users can create a multisig wallet on Shardeum within Desig, use the wallet to send and receive assets and interact with Shardeum-based Dapps.

Connect with Desig:

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Last Updated on September 7, 2023

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