Explore Dapps on Shardeum Ecosystem with Ease and Security using FoxWallet

Explore Dapps on Shardeum Ecosystem with Ease and Security using FoxWallet

FoxWallet positions itself as a safe, audited and easy-to-use decentralized wallet offering cloud mining/staking, DID registration, smooth dapp interactions, and on/off ramp services on...

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In the Web3 era, wallets are not just tools for storing, managing, or transferring cryptocurrencies, but portals to a digital ecosystem. Users can directly visit and log in to other Web3 products “via a wallet” to quickly access various blockchain applications. On that note, safety has become increasingly important for any wallet, laying the foundation for developing crypto wallets.

What is FoxWallet?

FoxWallet claims to be a safe and easy-to-use decentralized wallet, dedicated to creating an entrance and connection to the Web3 world. FoxWallet strives to provide a reliable and an industry-leading storage solution with encryption. From a design perspective, FoxWallet follows Bitcoin standards such as BIP-32, SLIP-0044, and BIP-44. By accommodating multiple chains and various sets of mnemonics, and ensuring compatibility with other wallets in terms of mnemonics and addresses, FoxWallet aims to empower users in conveniently managing multiple accounts with a single set of seed phrases while keeping every address independent of each other.

As a decentralized wallet, the mnemonics and private keys of users are stored locally with the help of distributed individual nodes, instead of being uploaded to a centralized server. FoxWallet essentially wants to empower users to be in control of their own private keys and seed phrases, further lowering the risk of theft and censorship. And according to their official blog post, FoxWallet stands out as one of the few mobile wallets that undergo regular audits, with a commitment to transparency by publicly sharing the audit report.

Utilities Offered by FoxWallet

FoxWallet offers a wide range of Web3 tools and features like cloud mining/staking, purchasing crypto with fiat currency, interacting with dapps across multiple ecosystems. They also provide a simplified DID registration service for a better user experience. Users can store, receive and send their crypto assets, including Ethereum and Bitcoin standard tokens, on FoxWallet. Further, FoxWallet provides users with an excellent opportunity to securely store and showcase their NFTs across various chains and networks, opening up a world of possibilities for NFT enthusiasts

Users Can Now Use FoxWallet on Shardeum

FoxWallet supports over 45 various EVM and non-EVM chains with a vision to provide smooth experience while interacting with them. The decision of integrating Shardeum on FoxWallet lies in the fact that Shardeum provides a permissionless L1 network with incredibly low fees and decentralized secure environment that aligns with their goals. 

At the moment, the FoxWallet team has integrated Shardeum Sphinx 1.x with great feedback from the community. They are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Shardeum mainnet, and position them as one of the early adopters of this groundbreaking linearly scalable layer 1 blockchain. With unlimited scalability, Shardeum empowers FoxWallet to provide end users with seamless interactions with dapps within the Shardeum ecosystem. This integration also promises FoxWallet users to access world class decentralized products and services (dapps) built on Shardeum.

Tutorials & Social Links of FoxWallet

FoxWallet often posts tutorials on different features available which can be found under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/@FoxWalletOfficial/featured

Other communities and links include:

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