Unlock Decentralized Storage Resources Easily with Crust Network on Shardeum

Unlock Decentralized Storage Resources Easily with Crust Network on Shardeum

Crust offers an open protocol where providers can earn rewards by contributing storage resources while users can access it for a nominal...

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Crust Network is a purpose built layer 1 blockchain which provides decentralized storage and hosting solutions on top of IPFS. They claim to offer guaranteed, immutable and decentralized storage with full data ownership in their efforts to empower developers as well as end-users to utilize decentralized storage resources at scale with the best user experience. Like Shardeum, they believe that your data must be owned, used and controlled by you!

Through Crust’s permissionless protocol, anyone is free to provide storage resources to the network in return for rewards. Storage resources typically include storage nodes, gateways, validators, retrieval nodes etc. On the other hand, users with a demand for decentralized storage resources can access Crust’s storage capacities for a nominal service fee via a trustless platform.

Crust Network is Omnichain

As of May 2023, Crust Network has a total storage capacity of more than 720,000 TB provided by more than 1,700 individual nodes. Since the launch of Crust mainnet back in September 2021, there have been more than 1.7 million unique files uploaded to their network which are processed through their Decentralized Storage Market (DSM).

Crust Network decentralized storage on Shardeum
Source: https://crust.subscan.io/

Crust Network is designed as an omnichain solution which can seamlessly be integrated with many different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Near, Aptos, Arbitrum, etc. but also can be connected via native IPFS integration.

Popular Use Cases of Crust Network for Dapps

Crust provides builders and developers with a wide range of different application utilities which not only include cold storage but also hot storage related use cases. Currently, some of the most popular use cases for Crust Network’s storage services are:

  • Dapps & website hosting (DEXs, bridges, etc.)
  • NFT metadata storage (NFT marketplaces, GameFi, etc.)
  • General file storage (Back-ups, archiving, etc.)
  • Decentralized social (File sharing, media content, etc.)

Crust Network aims to guarantee multiple file replicas for every storage order which ensures decentralization and redundancy at the physical network level. This helps to eliminate single-point-of-failure events and ensure 100% availability. On average every file has more than 30 replicas pinned to their network according to them.

They further add “Users can not only enjoy multiple file replicas but also unlimited file retrievals without any additional charges for downloading, viewing or sharing their files.”

The service landscape of Crust includes IPFS Gateway Services, IPFS Pinning Services as well as different file query solutions which are 100% compatible and native to IPFS.

Crust Files & Crust Cloud

Besides all the dev tooling Crust provides to builders, their team have also built some end-user specific applications which anyone can instantly try out to experience the enormous potential of decentralized storage. For example, they have built Crust Files (https://crustfiles.io) which is a decentralized cloud storage application for personal use that can be accessed directly via Metamask and other blockchain wallets.

Crust network recently introduced Crust Cloud (https://crustcloud.io), through which they are attempting to shape the future of Web3 by transforming storage buckets and IPFS gateways into NFTs, bringing unprecedented possibilities to the world of decentralized storage. They further add, “Crust Cloud is the only dapp where you can purchase a permanent spot on IPFS.”

Leverage Crust Network on Shardeum Now

We are delighted that Crust’s storage solutions are now available to all the users and developers in the Shardeum ecosystem. You can seamlessly harness the decentralized storage services offered by Crust by utilizing chain-to-chain interactions directly from Shardeum through a dedicated Shardeum cross-chain storage contract.

Crust Network on Shardeum dedicated cross chain storage contract

This means Shardeum users can store data on Crust in a frictionless and permissionless way by placing a storage order to their designated smart contract on Shardeum. The service fee for creating a storage order and utilizing Crust’s decentralized infrastructure can be paid in $SHM, Shardeum’s native coin. Placing a storage order is as easy as it gets. Check out the tutorials below.

Tutorials/User Documentation

To learn more about how you can use Crust Network in your projects/dapps on Shardeum, please visit: https://docs.shardeum.org/storage/crust

More information about Crust Network can be found in our official user documentation: https://wiki.crust.network/docs/en/build101

Join Crust Network via Socials

Website: https://crust.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrustNetwork

Medium: https://medium.com/@CrustNetwork

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