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Getting Noticed by Employers in the Web3 Space

Getting Noticed by Employers in the Web3 Space

Web3 industry is expanding and new trends are evolving daily. The sheer audacity of the idea decentralizes the web; take centralized control away from large companies and give power back to the...

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Web3 promises to change the way our information superhighway (the internet) works. The sheer audacity of the idea (decentralize the web; take centralized control away from large companies and give power back to the average user; ensure a user’s data stays their own) has professionals around the world clamoring to join the movement.  

But what can you do to get your foot in the door or seat at the table? What can you do to get noticed by companies in the Web3 space? Here are some helpful tips to get you started – and this is by no means a comprehensive list:

1. You Need to be Actually Qualified for the Role  

It won’t be easy to find a job writing smart contracts if you can’t write code (Solidity preferred, in this ex). Likewise, it will be difficult to get hired by a company to market their technology or tokens or blockchain if you’re not a marketing professional who’s familiar with the promotional channels that have sprung up in the Web3 space (ie: Telegram & Discord & Twitter & Meetups & Hackathons & Conferences).  

You probably will find there is not much use in shot-gunning your application out to every Web3 job post hoping you hit something in a young industry with the sky-high competition.  It’s not necessarily a good use of your time, and it might even irritate the people sifting through applications – which could lead to you not being considered for that future role you ARE qualified for. Be specific and targeted in your search and application process (find your niche!).

2. Get some Formal Education in Web3 (Develop your Niche!)  

There are loads of technical and non-technical Web3 and Blockchain courses available. You can go out and spend money on in-depth courses, or you can complete free online certifications. Both options will not only show potential employers that you’re serious about increasing your Web3 and Blockchain knowledge, but you’ll also gain the skills and know-how that’ll help you ace an interview – and eventually succeed in the role, once you land that new gig. And don’t forget to add your certificate completion info to your resume and social profiles!

3. Publicize your Interest in the Web3 Space

 Linkedin, GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Stackoverflow (etc) accounts all give you space to insert “Headlines” or “Tell us about yourself” information.  Letting people know you’re a “Blockchain Enthusiast” or a “Bitcoiner” or a “Web3 Junkie” (even if you’re not currently employed in the Web3 space) will help give you a leg up. A common qualification most recruiters seek is: “interest in Web3 or Blockchain”. Build an online presence that paints a cohesive picture of your passion for Web3, and be sure to link your resume and social platforms together for easy access (provide a link on Twitter to your GitHub & Resume for ex).

4. Get Active in the Community, and Add that Activity to your Profiles

  • Attending the big, local Web3 conferences
  • Participate in, or organize, a Web3 Hackathon
  • Get active on Web3 company Telegram and Discord platforms
  • Add Blockchain projects to your GitHub account
  • Work to obtain thousands of followers on Twitter and/or Linkedin (become an influencer / advocate for Web3)

All these things matter. Get out there, get active and be sure to make your activity visible on your Web3 social platforms for companies and recruiters to see.

Again, this is by no means a comprehensive list, there are many many other, more creative ways to stand out in this space, but this should at least help you separate yourself from the crowded pack.  What other methods of getting noticed have you tried that have worked?  What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Leave us a message in the comments, and good luck out there!

About the author : Will Smith is the Talent Acquisition Lead at Shardeum. Will has over 15 years of Talent Acquisition experience, primarily in the Crypto and E-commerce space, and he resides in Chicago, IL. Will is excited about the potential of Web3, and supporting the growth and launch of Shardeum to make an impact on the Web3 space. You can follow/connect with the author via LinkedIn and email.

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