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Introducing Atomium: Shardeum’s Incentivized Testnet

Introducing Atomium: Shardeum’s Incentivized Testnet

Join our multi-stage Incentivized Testnet, Atomium, featuring coin transfers, validator testing, and more. Win rewards and actively shape the future of...

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Thanks to your support, Shardeum has reached another milestone in our journey to mainnet. We’re rolling out Atomium in stages to focus on multiple testing areas, beginning with foundational activities and P2P coin transfers. This approach enables the community to thoroughly test the network in stages, while our tech team is ready to address any issues found during each stage to ensure a smooth transition to mainnet.

Atomium Launch Date - June 26th, 2024 @ 12 PM UTC

Atomium Stage 1

Stage 1 quest campaign will focus on stress testing the P2P coin transfer functionalities of the network. By conducting on-chain transactions, you will play a key role in identifying and resolving bugs, vulnerabilities, and performance issues. By participating in stage 1, you’ll help strengthen Shardeum’s security and reliability, ensuring this foundational component is mainnet-ready before advancing to the next stage. The more transactions and interactions we have during this stage, the better we can refine our network.

We’ve allocated 0.65% of our token supply, approximately 3.3 million SHM, for incentivized testnet campaign, benefiting both on-chain contributors and validators. Participants will have the opportunity to potentially earn one or more of the following rewards in the testnet campaigns: XP, NFTs, airdrops, surprise rewards and offers from our partners among others.

After completing stage 1, we’ll assess and enhance the network’s stability. If necessary, we may temporarily pause the testnet quest campaign to resolve issues found during this stage before proceeding to the next one. This cycle of testing and issue resolution will continue throughout the Atomium testnet.

Subsequent Stages and Cut-Off Dates of Atomium

Subsequent stages can be expected to involve stress testing of increasingly complex transactions, such as running validators, smart contract functionalities, and more, to ensure our network can handle a wide array of activities seamlessly by the end of Atomium testnet. This will also enable us to closely monitor the performance of Shardeum’s unique features, ensuring they function as intended.

Incentivized testnet, Atomium, is scheduled to run over the next few weeks to ensure the network achieves optimal stability and security. The cut-off date for Atomium will depend on the successful stress testing of various network functionalities and the resolution of any issues that arise during this period. We will notify you once the dates are finalized.

Following the successful completion of incentivized testnet and the resolution of issues identified during the testnet by our engineering team, Shardeum will proceed with the launch of its mainnet.

Recent Milestones

1. Shardeum is Feature-Complete

Over the last 6-9 months, Shardeum’s engineering team has been working hard to make the network feature-ready and we have even started to release a series of blog posts that reveal the behind-the-scenes efforts to build the world’s first autoscaling blockchain. Many of the features we’re introducing with Shardeum are about to set new standards in blockchain technology. Achieving a feature-complete status for Shardeum isn’t just about checking off items on a list—it’s about tackling the industry’s biggest challenges, making blockchain technology scalable and affordable, and bringing it into the mainstream.

2. Security Audits and Community-Driven Improvements

In the first quarter of 2024, we successfully conducted two comprehensive security audits and continued to address bug fixes, all thanks to the vigilant reports from Shardians. We’re focused on resolving vulnerabilities identified during the security audits, ensuring a robust and secure platform for all. We will also be announcing bug bounty programs soon, so stay tuned!

3. Patent Filings Meet Open Source Initiatives

In Q1 of 2024, we completed filing patents to protect the multiple innovations within the Shardeum protocol. We’re excited to inform you that our codebase is open sourced. You can find more details on our just-launched open source web page.


Shardeum is open, collaborative, and driven by its community. At Shardeum, you can run validator nodes, with 51% of the total SHM supply reserved for these nodes. Beyond daily operations, you can develop blockchain apps and solutions tailored to your users. And these are only a couple of use-cases among many more.

Thanks to Shardeum’s linear and auto scalability, projects and dapps on the platform benefit from very high scalability and sustainably low gas fees with greater decentralization.

Your support and patience are invaluable as we navigate the upcoming journey, guiding us toward our shared vision for a more scalable and cost-effective decentralized future. Shardians – Let’s make Atomium the biggest incentivized testnet yet – our final sprint to mainnet!

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