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Ecosystem Update: Mises Browser x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome Mises Browser to its ecosystem. Mises Browser is a Web3 mobile browser that supports Chrome extensions on mobile phones. You can …

Discord milestone, Validator bugs, Tokenomics updates!
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Newsletter: 300K+ Members on Shardeum Discord; Sphinx Validator Client Updates

Last week’s newsletter covers project’s epic growth on Discord to 300k+ members, validator client updates & pics from Shardeum event at Vietnam


Ecosystem Update: SYNTHR x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome SYNTHR to its ecosystem. SYNTHR is an omnichain synthetic asset protocol that provides users access to frictionless interoperability and slippage-free …


Ecosystem Update: Plena Finance x Shardeum

We’re thrilled to welcome Plena Finance to the Shardeum ecosystem! It aims to revolutionize your crypto experience with one of the first self-custodial wallets to …

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300K Strong: Celebrating Those Behind Shardeum’s Discord Growth

Within one year of creating its Discord Server, Shardeum has become the second-biggest L1 community on the platform. And yes, none of it would have …

Shardeum's Unique Tokenomics Model Released
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Newsletter: Shardeum’s Unique Tokenomics Model Released!

Shardeum (SHM) unique tokenomics model & dashboard was launched on 19th April with a live demo and almost 1500 viewers joining in. Read more

Bitcoin Layer 2 – What is it
Bitcoin NetworkBlockchain Basics

Bitcoin Layer 2 – What is it?

Layer 2 (L2) is a network or channel that sits on top of a Layer 1 (L1) network, like Bitcoin. In this article know more about bitcoin layer 2 network in detail

SHM tokenomics
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Unveiling Shardeum’s Unique Tokenomics

Since Day Zero, Shardeum has been operating in a DAO-like manner by following the guiding principles of OCC (open, collaborative, community-driven). On 2nd February 2022, …

What is Blockchain Interoperability
Blockchain BasicsBlockchain Interoperability

What is Blockchain Interoperability?

Blockchain interoperability refers to the ability of blockchains to communicate with other blockchains. Read about the blockchain interoperability in this article

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