What is SupraOracles?​ SupraOracles is a novel, high-throughput Oracle & IntraLayer: A vertically integrated toolkit of cross-chain solutions (data oracles, asset bridges, automation network, and …


Rewards of Combining Pinata and IPFS for Secure and Scalable Data Storage

What is Pinata?​ Pinata is a web3 media management platform that helps creators and developers share content via IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) with ease! In …


Announcement: Shardeum Testnet on OKX Wallet

We’re happy to share that the Shardeum testnet is now integrated into OKX Wallet. This partnership with OKX Wallet will enable wallet users to access …

Run A Validator Node On Sphinx

How To Run A Validator Node On Sphinx

Here are steps on how to run a validator node on Sphinx to validate and perform consensus on transactions in return for testnet SHM.

Build and Deploy an ERC20 Vault

Build and Deploy an ERC20 Vault on Shardeum

In this guide, we are going to learn how to build and deploy a customized decentralized vault smart contract on Shardeum. A Vault is a …

Shardeum betanet release
Shardeum Articles

Shardeum Betanet Launch

After 1.5+ million transactions and 45,000+ contracts deployed on its alpha network, Shardeum is advancing to the much-awaited betanet.

web 3
People Operations

Getting Noticed by Employers in the Web3 Space

Web3 promises to change the way our information superhighway (the internet) works. The sheer audacity of the idea (decentralize the web; take centralized control away …

Building in Public
People Operations

People Ops @ Shardeum: Building in Public

I had the great pleasure of joining the Shardeum team this past fall – tasked with building out the People Operations function for the first …


Announcement: SharDex launches on Shardeum

We’re thrilled to share that SharDex – the first community-driven and all-in-one DEX on Shardeum – has deployed on the Shardeum testnet. It has deployed …


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