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Ecosystem Update: Shardeum x Xade Finance

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Xade Finance, a hybrid solution between traditional banks and DeFi protocols that provides all banking services on-chain. Xade Finance uses its in-house innovative DeFi protocol that powers all of its banking services with the user experience of a digital bank.

With Xade Finance’s super mobile application, users can send payments globally in multiple stablecoins along with 5+ fiat ramps to emails and mobile numbers with zero fees and instant settlements, regardless of whether the recipient has a wallet. Users can also get a savings account with the most capital-efficient interest rate mechanism, a hybrid solution between the fixed and variable rate mechanism created specifically to be higher than the regional inflation rate. The yield is generated by financing assets, such as real estate, stocks, crops, and more, powered by their 10+ partners. In addition, users can trade 5,000+ markets, including stocks, crypto, commodities, and forex, through Xade’s perpetual derivatives exchange with the fastest funding rates and almost guaranteed liquidity.

Xade is live on Shardeum Liberty 2.1 with over 5,000 users and 4,000 transactions. We’re happy to share that they are also live on Shardeum Sphinx in a private beta, which users can test via a mobile app launching this month.

With Xade’s innovative solutions and Shardeum’s powerful network, users can enjoy a seamless banking experience on-chain. We can’t wait to see what exciting innovations our partnership with Xade Finance will bring to the Shardeum community.

Check out Xade here:

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Last Updated on June 28, 2023

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