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Shardeum Swap Logo & Concept Behind It

Shardeum Swap (SSwap), the first Dapp of the Shardeum ecosystem, unveiled its logo on 26th June 2022 at 12 PM IST. The link to the Twitter announcement is here.

SSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to provide a secure platform to its users for trading in cryptocurrencies and help the masses by educating them to fast track the blockchain technology adoption due to the immense benefits of this technology. 

The founders of SSwap are longtime followers of Nishcal Shetty, who is a visionary entrepreneur and, for more than a decade, with his coding and innovation skills, has been solving various problems encountered by society. More details about Nishcal are available on this website. In February 2022, Nischal announced another of his innovative project Shardeum, which seeks to solve the blockchain trilemma and promote the adoption of blockchain technology by the masses. The founders of SSwap took this opportunity to build on the Shardeum network. With a vision to expand to a complete ecosystem on the Shardeum network, the founders of SSwap are starting with a DEX, as cryptocurrencies are the first application of blockchain technology, and trading in these brings financial power to users.

The logo of SSwap is well thought out and conceptualized to represent the core values of SSwap. The details of the concept behind designing the logo are as under:

  1. The whole idea of building the SSwap started when the Shardeum blockchain was announced. Hence, the first “S” in the logo denotes Shardeum, the first part of the name SHARDEUM Swap.
  2. The second part is the mirror image of “S” denoting Swap – the second part of the name Shardeum SWAP. The laterally inverted image of S also signifies the swapping ability which SSwap aims to give to its users.

Both 1 & 2 combined form the core part of the logo. S & laterally inverted S represent the buying & selling, which are the key features of a DEX. Buying & Selling go together hand in hand but are completely opposite. Overall triangular shape signifies Shardeum’s theme, which is the L1 network on which SSwap is built. The triangle represents the Blockchain Trilemma, which Shardeum aims to solve.

3. The third part of the logo is the symbol of the Shardeum Swap token. Its trailblazing appearance signifies SSwap’s stature as the first Dapp of the Shardeum ecosystem. The rocket shape denotes the vision of SSwap, to provide a secure platform to its users for trading cryptocurrencies and generating good returns. It is the rocket that will take users to the moon. Hence, the Tag line Shardeum Swap – Your rocket to the moon.

4. The fourth part of the logo is the trident that can be seen in the negative space. This trident signifies three things

  • It is the destroyer of negativity.
  • It represents the three founders behind Shardeum Swap.
  • It represents the three pillars of SSwap, i.e., User, Community & the Core Team Building it.

5. The Fifth part is the strongest and most reinforced part of the logo and signifies a strong foundation of Shardeum Swap, which serves as a launchpad for the $SSWAP token to go to the moon along with all Swapiens.

So, what are you waiting for, join and let’s go to the moon!





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