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Shardeum Updates: Week 31

Shardeum Updates: Week 31

Tech, business, marketing and comms updates from Week...

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Here’s a recap of what we happened previous week at Shardeum:


Last week, we also deployed Liberty 1.3 with the network monitor, faucet explorer, and developer documentation updates. We also debugged and implemented fixes to an OOS bug, and began planning testing of Liberty 2.0. We made some cycle protocol fixes to get the simulator working as in spec. We also implemented load test options for batch SHM and token transfer transactions, researched and wrote up different ways to control gas and gas prices in Shardeum, and fixed bugs causing syncing nodes to crash during shorter cycles. We also updated the archiver to transfer data from multiple consensors, and improved explorer to store data fast.


We’re in the process of setting up an Indian subsidiary of the Shardeum foundation. Meanwhile, we continue to onboard and engage with investors from the Shardeum seed round.

Marketing & Comms

We conducted our Telegram quiz as well as a call with the contributors to identify and ideate on ways to grow the Shardeum community. We also shortlisted and interviewed folks for the Discord moderator role. We continue to work on a new tech webinar for this week, and connect with devs building on Shardeum. We continue to evaluate vendors for the Education Program, hackathon and other events.

Areas where you – our community – can help us:

  • If you have any PR contacts or podcasts recommendations where we can introduce Shardeum, reach out to [email protected] (or #betamode on Discord)
  • We’re working on hosting webinars. If you have any recommendations for speakers, please let us know.
  • We are planning to conduct free webinars for colleges and corporates. Please fill this form if you are interested, or refer to someone who will be interested.

Open positions at Shardeum:

Let’s BUIDL together ????

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