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Shardeum at Consensus 2023

Shardeum at Consensus 2023

Shardeum debuted at the CoinDesk Consensus event in Austin connecting with other Web3 projects and forging valuable partnerships during the crypto...

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Consensus took place in Austin, the city of JuiceLand and Terry Black’s, again this year from April 23-26. Shahzad, Greg, Tyler, and Kelsey from the Shardeum team made the trip down.

Events during a bear market always feel different, but not necessarily in a bad way. “The builder energy was great as I could tell that despite overarching market conditions, innovation was happening at the grassroots level” added Tyler Choi. This would be a theme that prevailed throughout the conference as projects both new and old were able to cut through the noise in a way that is nearly impossible during bull markets. Projects like OKX Wallet, a dapp built on Shardeum were active at the side events and proved that a massive booth staffed with often exhausted attendants isn’t the sole path to making valuable connections.

Shardeum team at Consensus 2023 by CoinDesk
From left: Shahzad, Kelsey, Greg & Tyler

The importance of meeting in person to build relationships has long been central to the intensely community oriented ecosystems of web3. Shahzad, Shardeum’s resident king of Linkedin saw “huge participation from the APAC region as well as investors as part of the attendance list. We seem to be in a pre-Bull / End of Bear cycle atmosphere.“ Many conversations revolved around the age-old question of scalability, a topic that the team was eager to engage with. Shardeum employs dynamic state sharding which makes for short transaction times and better security due to atomic composability!

The VC presence at consensus was also strong, with Greg Hemmer observing “there is still an abundant amount of VC funds actively looking to invest in early stage web3 projects. It goes to show investors have a high level of conviction in decentralization and web3.” Although there are always exceptions, “generally the quality of projects and potential partners seems higher during these market conditions. Builder and community oriented projects continue their focused efforts while less substantive, often flashier projects lose steam without immediate gratification” added Kelsey.

Shardeum investors like Struck Capital and Big Brain Holdings showed up for web3 and decentralization at Consensus, and spent time meeting with current and potential portfolio companies.

Shardeum and Spawn Global at Consensus 2023
Tyler (in the middle) with our friends @ Spawn
Shardeum at Consensus 2023
Shahzad (seated down in black shirt) collaborating at a garage event!! 😀

Next stop for the team will be EthCC, so please follow us on twitter to stay up to date!

Meet the Shardeum team

  • Shahzad Nathani, Head Partnerships & Operation
  • Greg Hemmer, Head of Ecosystem
  • Kelsey McGuire, Chief Growth Officer
  • Tyler Choi, Partner Relations Manager

About Shardeum

Shardeum is an EVM based smart contract platform launched in February 2022 that scales linearly to maintain low and constant gas fees forever. By adding more nodes to the network, Shardeum will scale proportionally to handle any types of load on the network. As Kelsey mentioned in the video recording above, Shardeum community is 300,000+ strong on its Discord server. Since the week prior to this video’s release to till date, the server’s membership has skyrocketed to over 385,000!!

Shardeum envisions decentralization for everyone as its key goal and the only way that can happen is to let the community own and lead such important projects. The project has started open sourcing its codebase and by the time it launches the mainnet in 2023, the entire codebase will be open-sourced so community can help advance Shardeum’s groundbreaking technology and the larger web3 ecosystem.

Shardeum will scale linearly by employing the most advanced and complex version of sharding, called dynamic state sharding. Further, consensus on the network is done at the transaction level instead of block level and transactions will be processed parallelly with atomic and cross shard composability. Since historical transactions are handled by ‘archive nodes’, validator nodes will be required to download only the current state of the transactions/shards they are involved in, which will allow almost anyone to operate a node on the network with a highly secure PoQ + PoS consensus algorithm. Auto-scaling and auto-rotation will be other key factors helping Shardeum to solve scalability trilemma for once and all.

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