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Shardeum’s Proof of Community VC Edition Brings Web3 Founders and VCs Together

Shardeum’s Proof of Community VC Edition Brings Web3 Founders and VCs Together

Discover Shardeum's VC Edition of its Proof of Community events that connects Web3 founders with VCs, fostering product showcases and ecosystem...

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In the dynamic realm of the blockchain and the larger Web3 industry, innovation knows no bounds. On the 24th of June 2023, in Bengaluru, Shardeum organized the #ProofofCommunity VC Edition in collaboration with Rising Capital. Our aim was to create an engaging platform where visionary founders and venture capitalists in the Web3 space could connect and collaborate in an informal setting. The event provided founders with the opportunity to speed-date with VCs and showcase their innovative products to a wider audience, including fellow Web3 founders and the broader community. By fostering meaningful connections and stimulating insightful discussions at such events, we aim to propel the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Shardeum Community Proof of Community VC Edition

As they say, Community is the CEO of Shardeum and all our 185+ “Proof of Community” events so far have been blessed and attended by 11,634 participants. This event was no different which was attended by 90+ participants. Aside from our VC friends and aspiring entrepreneurs, the event was attended by developers, students, Shardeum community members, Web3 enthusiasts among others.

Introduction to Shardeum and Rising Capital

Loveneesh Dhir from Shardeum with VC firm Rising Capitals
Loveneesh Dhir from Shardeum

We started with an introduction to Shardeum and Rising Capital. We discussed what Shardeum is, and how we are solving the scalability trilemma as a L1 blockchain platform followed by a short Q&A session. We moved on with the introduction of Rising capital by Shivangi Pandey, Senior Partnerships Manager.

Both the companies are seeking to transform the Web3 industry. Shardeu

m is aiming to be the first blockchain network to scale linearly and solve blockchain trilemma while maintaining low transaction costs permanently. Rising Capital is actively working to amplify Web3 projects by providing access to capital, talent and services. We are glad to launch our VC edition of ‘Proof of Community’ meetups along with the industry enablers.

Industry Insights via VC Panel Discussion

From left to right: Vish, Santosh Panda, PB, Ankur Choudhary, Shivangi Pandey

We then featured an engaging VC panel discussion with industry experts and thought leaders. The panel was moderated by PB from Brinc VC, Ankur Choudhary from Woodstock Fund, Vish from Sino Global Capital, Santosh Panda from Foundership and Shivangi Pandey from Rising Capital. The insightful discussions shed light on the current landscape of Web3 and the investment opportunities within this rapidly evolving space.

Product Showcase

The Product Showcase was at the heart of the event. Both the current and aspiring founders showcased several innovative products/projects they are building and explained their business case to the community and the VCs. Let’s take a look at the founders and the products they presented in this event one by one.

1. Evolvnft by Madhav Khandelwal

Evolvnft by Madhav Khandelwal

Evolvnft offers an ecosystem of innovative tech-driven solutions, centered around their proprietary dynamic digital asset including NFTs. Their aim is to provide curated unified digital experiences for brands. With an impressive client base of 58+ brands and a user count exceeding 22 million, Evolvnft is making waves in the Web3 landscape. You can follow Madhav Khandelwal on Twitter here.

2. 1W3 by Hidayath Shaik

1W3 by Hidayath Shaik

1W3 is a decentralized alternative to Linktree, offering a personal, censorship-resistant hub for showcasing unique identities and creations. With 250+ signups and over 500 websites created, 1W3 is aiming to empower individuals in the decentralized Web3 space. You can follow Hidayath Shaik on Twitter here.

3. ChainHash by Vaijanath

ChainHash by Vaijanath

ChainHash is a DEX aggregator on Shardeum that utilizes the Smart Router protocol algorithm to help traders find the cheapest prices across AMMs/Liquidity Pools. With a focus on superior user experience and making liquidity easily accessible, ChainHash is aiming to revolutionize decentralized trading and the DeFi world. You can follow Vaijanath on Twitter here.

4. DeFiVerse by Aravind Ujjwal

DeFiVerse Money by Aravind Ujjwal

DeFiVerse offers decentralized infrastructure through which users can create, manage and invest into crypto funds with ease. By providing an ecosystem that is transparent and non-custodial, DeFiVerse aims to make Crypto Asset Management more efficient, accessible and seamless. You can follow Aravind Ujjwal on Twitter here.

5. Colors of India NFT by @Winbcblog1

Colors of India NFT by @Winbcblog1

COI NFT is a creator-driven initiative bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. They aim to empower Indian artists in the Web3 space and serve as an educational vehicle to promote the adoption of NFT technology in the world’s fast growing region for blockchain and its utilities. You can follow the presented on Twitter here.

6. Op3n Protocol by Aheesh

Op3n Protocol by Aheesh

Op3n protocol introduces a wallet-to-wallet communication protocol and a trading dapp. By enabling seamless communication and secure trading, Op3n protocol aims to enhance the user experience in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates from Aheesh/team on the project in the near future. You can follow him on Twitter here.


Bear or bull market, solid useful products often tend to find a way towards VC firms, end users and the larger market. And Shardeum Proof of Community VC edition is just a reminder to that point. We wholeheartedly wish all the above projects to succeed. And here’s some more good news from Shardeum. As we eagerly anticipate the technological breakthroughs and innovations by such founders in the future, we will be glad to enable the collaboration between VCs and the Web3 project teams through our Proof of Community VC edition platform. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, watch out for more such editions in the future. You can stay informed about the upcoming Proof of Community events on our events page on the website.

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