Shardeum Boosts Network with Binary Serialization

Shardeum Boosts Network with Binary Serialization

Explore the benefits of binary serialization in Shardeum for enhanced network efficiency, and learn how Rust fuels our core for unmatched...

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We’re happy to share that Shardeum has successfully implemented binary serialization for our network protocols and storage which translates to enhancement of the network performance, storage requirements, and security! This isn’t just a technical upgrade—it’s another monumental step towards mainnet and keeping our ecosystem in mind. Note, many of these articles published on behalf of Shardeum’s engineering team relate to key milestones accomplished in Q4 of 2023 as part of the betanet feature completion and our progress towards mainnet. Ok let’s now jump straight into this interesting development.

What is Binary Serialization?

Binary serialization is the conversion of data into a binary format, primarily for efficient storage and transmission. It involves the arrangement of data in sequences of 0s and 1s, a language that our computing systems best understand. By doing this, the data can be easily stored and later reconstructed. In simpler terms, it’s like converting our network’s language into a more compact and efficient form, much like you’d zip and compress a bunch of files to save and optimize space.

Why Did Shardeum Implement Binary Serialization?

Shardeum engineering team has implemented this technology through meticulous planning and strategic execution, yet in an agile manner, to boost network performance and efficiency. Before we get into the overall benefits of binary serialization, let’s take a look at the details of the implementation.

The Power of Rust in Shardeum’s Core

Previously, Shardeum’s network operations were primarily managed in Rust, but cryptographic operations were mainly implemented in TypeScript. However, recognizing the need for enhanced performance, particularly in network communications and cryptographic operations, the team made an important move. They integrated a Rust-powered networking module into the system. Rust, known for its exceptional speed and safety, now handles the critical aspects of network communication, providing a substantial boost in data processing and transmission efficiency.

From Stringified JSON to Binary Brilliance

In the past, data within Shardeum’s network was transmitted in a stringified JSON format. While functional, this method was not optimized for speed or space. The revolutionary change came when Shardeum decided to transition to binary serialization. Now, instead of sending out raw stringified JSON, data is serialized to binary before transmission. This means that the data, when sent across the network, is in a compact, binary format, significantly reducing the size and increasing the speed of data transfer.

Enhancing Cryptographic Performance

Another significant enhancement is the migration of cryptographic operations – such as signing and verification – from the JavaScript layer to Rust. This shift not only speeds up these operations but also frees up the JavaScript layer to handle other critical tasks more efficiently. The result is a more robust and secure network that performs cryptographic tasks faster and more reliably.

Reinforcing Overall Network Efficiency and Security

These changes contribute immensely to the overall efficiency and security of Shardeum’s network. Binary serialization reduces the overhead of parsing text-based data, allowing for quicker data processing. Moving cryptographic tasks to Rust enhances the speed and security of these operations, crucial for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the network.

Why We Went Binary in a Nutshell

Deciding to transition to binary serialization wasn’t merely about hopping onto a tech trend. We wanted to undertake binary serialization for the abundance of benefits it confers to Shardeum in the short-term and long-term. Delving deeper, here’s a breakdown of the advantages!

Benefits of Binary Serialization Technology

  • Supercharged Speed
    Binary serialization is designed for machine optimization, binary formats can be deserialized faster than text-based formats, which means the data transmission across our network becomes faster, ensuring swift and seamless operations. 🚄
  • Space Savers
    Binary formats are more compact than their text-based counterparts. This translates to data taking up less storage and being transmitted more swiftly. 🌌
  • Tight Typing
    Binary serialization keeps the data’s type and structure intact, ensuring unmatched consistency and integrity.📘
  • Sturdy Security Shields
    This new method offers an enhanced layer of security, making our network even more robust against potential threats. While it’s not encrypted, the machine-optimized format can be a deterrent against casual prying eyes.🛡️
  • Stellar Stability
    Expect fewer disruptions and more consistency in how our system operates.🪐
  • Streamlined Storage
    Organizing and retrieving data is now even more straightforward, offering an uncluttered and efficient storage system.📦
  • Synced Systems
    Synchronized operations across the board ensure uniform performance, making sure every part of our network sings in harmony. 🔄
  • Overhead Out!
    No more extra characters like quotes and braces! You’re only dealing with the essential data and the bare minimum structure.🎈
  • Sensible Savings
    Efficient data handling can lead to cost reductions in the long run—good for us, and great for our community!💰
  • Versatile Versioning
    Some binary formats come with versioning support, allowing older serialized data to be compatible with newer applications.
  • Supreme Scalability
    With more efficient data management, Shardeum is poised to scale even higher, accommodating more users and transactions. 📈
  • Simplified Setup
    For our developers out there, the setup and integration process just got a whole lot simpler!⚙️
  • Sustainability Stamped
    Efficiency means less resource consumption. And in a world where every bit counts, this move brings us one step closer to a greener future.🌿

Capping Off with Clarity

From diving into the intricacies of binary serialization to understanding its myriad benefits for Shardeum, we’ve actually covered a vast horizon today in a simplified manner. As we march forward on our tech odyssey, here’s to celebrating this adoption and eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s innovations! The stars are but a stepping stone! 🌌🚀

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