How can I contribute to Shardeum especially if I am not from a technical background?

For full time roles

Watch for the latest job openings on our careers page of the website  The careers page does not only have current job openings at Shardeum but also across several of our ecosystem projects. There are 400+ open positions across Shardeum and 15 of our ecosystem projects as of this documentation. The job openings cover various verticals such as marketing, design, content creation, community building, social media, asides from development roles. Further, Shardeum offers a ‘General Application’ role for those who may not find an exact match with our currently listed roles but still wish to apply. While applying, you can let us know how you want to contribute to the project and we will consider your application subject to terms and conditions.

For part-time roles

We are also glad to inform you that you can now easily run a node on Shardeum without technical background. As a result of its innovative technology, Shardeum enables you to operate a node with few clicks of a button and low hardware requirements. There are also single click validators operated by our ecosystem partners that can make it even more easier to run nodes on Shardeum in return for potential rewards. Furthermore, by testing dapps and other projects developed on Shardeum, you have the chance to become an early participant in their ecosystems. This early involvement can significantly enhance your learning experience and potentially offer greater benefits over time.

Note, Shardeum offers the opportunity for you to contribute without needing anyone’s permission or a technical background. Build, write, research, design, develop, talk – any area where you can add value. You are welcome to contribute to blogs in both English and non-English languages, videos, podcasts, community building, design, organizing webinars, community meet ups and you name it. We also conduct regular quizzes and other activities on our socials like Discord, Twitter etc. Join Shardeum Discord to get started today. With consistent contribution, you can qualify for various reward programs including Super Shardian.

I am a full-stack developer. How can I help in development activities at Shardeum?

Shardeum is actively looking to fill some of the development positions such as software engineers, DevOps, QA tester, technical writers among others. Please keep a tab on our careers page of the website  You can also alternatively email Jereme ([email protected]) and/or Will ([email protected]) for Shardeum related open positions.

Will I get an opportunity to be a committer in the future by consistently contributing to the project?

You can find more career-related Q&As under the careers/People Ops category. We offer career opportunities to individuals globally in roles that are in demand on the project. And yes, it will be our pleasure to recruit potential candidates from within the community (and otherwise). By consistently contributing to the project, you do inherently have a higher chance of being hired at Shardeum.

What is the Shardeum Bug Bounty Program, and how can I participate in it?

The Shardeum Bug Bounty Program will be an initiative designed to enhance the security and robustness of the Shardeum blockchain (testnet) by engaging with the community to identify and report potential vulnerabilities (in Q2 of 2024). And this is how it may look in general. As part of our security audit, we will invite developers, security experts, and community members to actively participate in this program and contribute to making Shardeum secure. While exploring the testnet, if you discover any security vulnerabilities or issues, you are expected to document them in detail that include steps to reproduce the issue, potential impact, and any suggestions for mitigation. Our team will review your submission, assess the vulnerability, and respond with the next steps. If your report qualifies for a reward, we’ll provide details on the reward process. Stay tuned to our socials for an official announcement regarding bug bounty.

How does Shardeum plan to utilize the 5% allocated for ecosystem & airdrops, and how can I participate in airdrops?

We just released this blog about the overall plan of our airdrop campaigns including detailed plan for early contributors between February 2nd, 2022 to the last date prior to our upcoming incentivized testnet (cut-off date). We encourage you can go through it and provide your feedback. For Phase 1 Airdrop: Early contributors, we have identified the following contributors:

Having recently joined the Shardeum community, have I missed the airdrop opportunity?

Welcome to Shardeum! You’re right on time. Shardeum is committed to long-term, widespread decentralization – growing horizontally or in other words, growing with, and driven by the people! Our journey includes several key phases, with upcoming airdrops for both our Incentivized Testnet and the Mainnet launch. To stay involved and contribute, join our Discord server and get started. Your participation now can play a vital role as we transition from testnet to mainnet. Beyond these initial airdrops, Shardeum and our ecosystem project will offer numerous future opportunities – both for people with technical and non-technical background. These range from career openings, grants to build innovative projects/dapps, node operation, various campaigns & contests, NFTs among others. So, rest assured, there’s much more ahead — you’re still at the forefront of exciting developments!