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Shardeum Apr’23 Updates

Hello Shardeum Fam!

Hope you had an amazing month of April! 🚀

Here’s what April looked like for Shardeum ⤵️

Diving deeper into the details, we have 👇🏻

Shardeum Sphinx 1.2

Shardeum Sphinx was launched on 2nd Feb ’23, where the Public Demo of Sphinx was watched by over 2500 people live!

We launched a newer version of Sphinx in addition to a new version of CLI & GUI, introducing several bug fixes and improvements, making it easier for the community to run nodes on Shardeum.

Shardeum has acquired over 800k testnet users and crossed over 36,000 validator nodes this month, making it probably the largest decentralized Testnet ever!

We have over 18M Total Transactions on Sphinx network till now!

Shardeum’s Tokenomics Dashboard

We launched Shardeum’s Tokenomics Dashboard this month containing the below information:

  1. Shardeum’s Node Reward Strategy.
  2. Shardeum’s unique tokenomics model.
  3. Simulations where you can model what would happen to the SHM supply based on the network price action.

This model ensures that Shardeum Foundation/DAO will always maintain an equilibrium level of SHM supply (less than the max supply), low GAS fees forever, and profitability for validators irrespective of the price and transaction action.

Our Tokenomics Dashboard was launched by our Co-founders Nischal Shetty and Omar Syed on 19th Apr’23, with over 1500 people watching the launch live!

Shardeum across the Globe

  1. The Shardeum team attended the #Foresight2023HK event in Hong Kong, where our Head of Ecosystem, Greg, talked about building with OCC & our vision to enable decentralization for everyone. We also were part of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, where we got great partnership and investment leads in the Gaming sector and opportunities to expand our community in China!
  • Our team attended EthTokyo, where we built partnerships for Shardeum and saw steady growth in people building on Shardeum.
  • Seeing so many supporters of Shardeum in Japan, we will soon expand our community by conducting events and hackathons there.
  1. The Shardeum team was also present at EthAustin and Consensus2023 🚀
  2. We collaborated with SheFi to organize side events and also organized Happy Hour for the community!
  3. While the event was smaller compared to 2022, it was exciting to see many representations from the VC end and quite a few visitors from the APAC region. Great participation from all avenues across the Blockchain and Crypto segment!

Community, Growth & Traction

  • Our Discord Server is now 385,000+ members strong, where we saw a whopping 39% increase in the community members since the month of March.
  • Within one year of creating its Discord Server, Shardeum has become the second-biggest L1 community on the platform. Here’s our blog on achieving this milestone!
  • Our following on Twitter stands at 184.8k+ at the moment, the fastest in India, and our community on Telegram now stands at ~30k!
  • Until now, we have completed over 140 Proof of Community events across 5 countries, with over 9000 participants **joining us in building the future of decentralization!
  • In April, Shardeum organized 27 events in total across India, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Ghana with a presence of over 1478 participants!
  • We organized our first-ever Proof Of Community event in Vietnam 🇻🇳, with over 35 participants joining us in expanding the community in more APAC regions.

In Mangalore, India, we kickstarted a roadshow aimed at helping college students enter the web3 space. It was a 6-day roadshow covering 7 colleges with over 400 participants deploying their first-ever Smart Contract with the help of Shardeum!

  • In Mangalore, India, we kickstarted a roadshow aimed at helping college students enter the web3 space. It was a 6-day roadshow covering 7 colleges with over 400 participants deploying their first-ever Smart Contract with the help of Shardeum!

Partnerships & Collaborations

140+ projects are in the Shardeum ecosystem currently. This includes products that are live on Shardeum today or have agreed to support Shardeum and will be live soon.

Shardeum has partnered with Convival, DEXCoinApp, AIT protocol, OKContract, Sportsverse, Plena Finance, Synthr, Mises browser, Aspecta ID, Swapped Finance, and WowTalkies to expand our ecosystem!

Shardeum – what are people saying about us?

Shardeum has gained popularity among blockchain enthusiasts as one of the fastest-growing L1 testnet in the world!

Nischal Shetty, our co-founder, and our Head of Ecosystem, Greg Hemmer, were invited for an episode of the ‘Web3 Normies Podcast’ where they discussed Web3, Shardeum, and solving for scalability.

As our community is growing globally, we also grew our team, and to create a stronger presence in the US, ****Kelsey McGuire joined Shardeum as the Chief Growth Officer.

Below are a few media channels where Shardeum and our activities were mentioned:

  1. https://www.coingecko.com/learn/what-is-shardeum?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  2. https://www.nftgators.com/nischal-shettys-shardeum-taps-ex-consensys-marketing-head-as-chief-growth-officer/
  3. https://blockworks.co/news/blockchain-names-chief-growth-officer
  4. https://coinotaku.com/news/articles/177408
  5. https://en.foresightnews.pro/shardeum-hires-previous-coinfund-cmo-kelsey-mcguire-as-chief-growth-officer/

Reward programs on Shardeum currently

You can contribute to the following tasks for exciting rewards from cash prizes to POAPs, early access to community activities, and many more.

  1. Marketing related tasks and reward programs – Super Shardian
  2. Reward program for the developer community – Shardeum Missions
  3. Reward program for those helping to build Shardeum communities across the world – Shardeum Leagues
  4. A great chance to win upto 30 USDT by writing/translating and publishing ANY language blogs about Shardeum project on reputable blogging platforms like Medium – Shardeum is Borderless

Join forces and help us build Shardeum!

Shardeum is home to content creators, designers, digital marketers, technologists, cypherpunks, and Web3 enthusiasts. They are in charge of bringing a high level of decentralization to billions of people for a more equitable society.

  1. We would love your support in Shardeum’s ecosystem growth. If you are looking to build an application from social to DEX to any category, consider deploying your project on Shardeum 👉🏻 https://shardeum.org/ecosystem/ 👉🏻 Shardeum Quickstart
  2. The Shardeum Foundation will continue to make further improvements to the Shardeum Sphinx. In the meantime, we would appreciate all the help from everyone to test out the Sphinx 1.2 network. 👉🏻 How to run a node?
  3. Check out our current Job Openings 👇🏻


That’s it for this month!

May will be the month of key partnerships and solid progress on the development and community side, which we cannot wait to share. 🙌🏻

Do reach out to hi@shardeum.org in case of any doubts or discussions.